An exciting year in review! - Can't wait for what's ahead!

This year, came with a great vibe!

I like that we have set up more regular blogs, so I’m able to share any news and my latest work. We as a small team are organising these blogs together for you, because in the end, I rather create jewels - it’s simple as that. This team is unmissable because after we discuss what I would like to share, they execute it all. 

I put a lot of time and passion into creating my jewels. Depending on the piece, it can take many hours, days, and weeks (sometimes months) to find the right balance and style. Sometimes my pieces are sold quickly and I feel a sense of loss, meaning I have a special connection to my art pieces. Since the creative process is long, when a piece is gone, it’s truly gone. I am happy though, that I can share my work with people who also enjoy what I create. It gives me a sense of security and balance to know what I create is loved and that is the attention that my pieces deserve. Thank you to all who follow along and like my work! 

In order to create, I need to be clear in my head and when I’m stuck, I like to seek some kind of distraction. Reading, watching movies, going for extra long walks, feeling the air, examining the nature around me, and organising my workspace are all things I love and are part of the distraction/creating process. One process balances the other - distraction leaves more energy to focus on the creating process, and when the creating process is oversaturated, we’re back to the distraction process. Not only is it helpful to the mind, but also leaves room for new ideas and inspiration and the flow continues.

My workshop has a direct view over the Swiss mountains. Going through my stones is a dream each time because every stone was found and collected by me over the years. They come with special memories and it’s really wonderful that my stones are the base of my creative spirit for the Conversation Pieces Collection - you can read more about CP here.

A few months ago, two uber-cool Swedish fashion influencers came to our town. They came to ski, which they are phenomenal at, create fashion shoots for their newspaper, and to enjoy the surrounding village environment. Thanks to Sanne, they visited my workshop and picked two pieces! Sometime later another Swedish influencer, Fredrik Robertsson, liked, wore, and also shared my work, when he was in Paris. You can see their photos on my Instagram account and check out their works as well - ( / (@fredrikrobertsson) 

Super exciting! 

In August, one of my malachite rings was featured by a T.V. personality/journalist in the Netherlands, and at a similar time, a professional Jewellery magazine for Belgium & Netherlands did a small article about my work. New is news and being featured in these places are amazing which why I have to tell you about it! I love sharing these experiences and knowing my pieces are being read and discovered in more places. We also have new articles featured in Dutch and Belgian magazines - check them out here. You can always find what’s new and featured in the NEWS section of my website.

ONTO MORE NEWS! I would like to share with you that my work can be found in my mountain village at the amazing five-star KEMPINSKI PALACE HOTEL!! This week we will finally have a showcase in their lobby right next to the bar where I have my Cocktails!

All these exciting news and moments I’ve shared so far lead up to the shining moment about my NEW Jewellery Pieces - I’d like to introduce you to the new five necklaces and five rings which have been added to the web shop! 


Kristle is crystal clear! This beautiful rock crystal, in a large faceted style, is one to wear with anything, and she sits beautifully on a stiff yellow gold-filled choker.

Helena is also set with a Labradorite stone, and yet again you find a pointed shape, just because next to a drop it is one of my favourite shapes. The beautiful warm gold iridescent stone is set into rose gold, with a blackened chain necklace.

Mara, is so pointy and significant, and it is really all about the deep black agate shape, beautifully banded.

Next in line are two Labradorites necklaces, which I've made some time ago, and it’s only now that I wanted to put them out on my web shop. 

Talitha, who doesn’t love Labradorite? I do, because of its mesmerising iridescent colours, and I like each of my stones in my collection to be different. The drop shape is a classic, and I've put her on a black cord, which you can change onto one of your own necklaces or onto a different type of cord, because cords are cool. 

Sade, is a black classic, set with an beautiful rectangular shaped obsidian stone, which I wanted to put on a stiff yellow gold-filled necklace.  



Boula, is a great personality, her warm soft purple sugilite stone, is set into yellow gold on a nest of blackened silver. The stone is set to elevate it, as her colour is so intriguing.

Agatha, too comes in blackened silver, combined with yellow gold. She could be a sister of ring Angelina. They are different because they are set with four smaller natural yellow stones, combined with warm tones. Real eye-catchers. 

Zeita, comes with a similar vibe, and she belongs to the Treats series, which in itself is inspired by anything sweet, and her luscious loops are beautiful. She is set with a warm aventurine stone, again in yellow gold and blackened silver.

The three rings above, have quite a similar edgier vibe, dark and light combined, and that’s why we are introducing them here all together. The two rings that follow, are softer and simply beautiful light in colour and they belong to the purest rings for the Conversation Pieces Collection.

Blanche, a white stone beauty, with a setting that's slightly wider than usual, Sheila, does this in a few cases, like with purple stone ring Genevieve. Blanche, has her own personality as well, set with a lovely rectangular white dendrite stone.

Frances, is a soft pink and pleasing beauty. Somewhat classic because of her oval shape, and modern due to her unique appeal. The beautiful Kunzite stone is mesmerising, in very light, unusual type of pink. 

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