Conversation Pieces

One-of-a-Kind Stone Rings

This collection consists of beautiful cocktail rings that are all one-of-a-kind and handmade by Sheila Westera. The pieces in this collection all revolve around a stone in its setting in wire. To set the stone, Sheila uses her own (patented) techniques that she developed over the years. Each piece in this collection is made only once, in order to keep each piece completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

As the name suggests, the fascinating pieces in this collection are all monumental and automatically draw attention to them with their unique vibe!

Preferred Materials: 14 krt gold-filled, 18 krt gold or sterling silver
Style: Hand-sculptured by Sheila Westera
Techniques: Sheila uses multiple of her own techniques. Read more about them on this page.
Stones/Gemstones: Natural Stones, Raw, Polished or Faceted.