One of a kind jewellery, truly.

If you own a one of a kind piece of jewellery by Sheila you are most likely an unique woman!

In this online jewellery shop, you will find many special jewellery pieces by Sheila Westera London. Sheila's aim is to amplify a personality and to make sure that this world will have more fabulous, empowered women in it! Sheila is a jewellery artist who creates amazing jewellery pieces, through her unique wire bending technique in a high quality 14 krt gf, 18 krt gold or in sterling silver wire, her designs are patented and only used in this way by Sheila Westera London.

Sheila Westera started creating high-end art jewellery some years ago in London and her style has been evolving ever since. Naturally curious about many things she was creative at a young age. While living in Amsterdam she studied Art and Architecture and worked in the fine jewellery field for quite some years. Around the Millennium she started living in London where she developed a deep passion for cultures, colours, and art in any form. Next to living in the Capital she has spent a great deal of time in the Alps, where her love for nature grew even stronger. Her longing for uniqueness was nurtured even more being a London citizen, you clearly get a sense of all that is mentioned above in her one and only, distinct sculptured, wearable art pieces. As a conscious woman, she only works with quality materials for every art piece, to be wearable and to have an incredible life span. Navigate through the mind of Sheila Westera and find the statement piece that you feel most attracted to on this website. In three different collections, you will find collection Arty Scenes, unusual Jewellery shapes, a true expression of her moods in a real variation of styles, intricately and boldly sculptured pieces, created around stones that speak to her. In Conversation Pieces jewellery you will find a beautiful symbiosis between a stone and a setting. Here Sheila captures stones and minerals in an intuitive and unconventional way. Polished, raw or faceted, finding their way in a variety of settings that she feels, really quite amazing and unique. With Purely Wired jewellery she longed to have unique, light wear, versatile jewellery for her short journeys, thus creating chain jewellery in different organically bend shapes by her, and they can be worn anywhere and at any time.

If you have any questions or if you long for that truly unique piece for a special occasion, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A show stopping bridal piece for your special wedding could be a great option too...