Arty Scenes

Wearable Art Pieces

This collection features Sheila's Art Works. In the pieces of this collection, she truly expresses her soul. Each jewel has a deeper meaning with references to our Earth, the mysteries of the universe, and to a range of problems that we face in the modern world: like extinction of flora and fauna, and the often superficial society we live in.

The pieces in this collection are all sculptured jewels... to be worn and to emphasise your unique personality, or simply to be admired for what they are.

  • Preferred Materials: Anything that inspires her... also 14 krt gold-filled, 18-krt gold and sterling silver
  • Style: Varies per piece. See the description of each jewel for more details.
  • Techniques: Different Techniques, invented by Sheila. For more details see the description for each jewel.