About Sheila Westera


Sheila was born in the Netherlands, where her curious and creative soul made her want to explore a whole lot more of the world that she lived in. As a child, Sheila already had an interest in art and architecture, and much of her work today has a foundation in ideas and interests that have stuck with her since she was little. Sheila went on her first 'far away' trip when she was just nine years of age, travelling to the different parts of the UK to spend the summer with family friends. This is where her love for UK started to grow. 

While she was living in Amsterdam, She had an interest in history, contemporary art and architecture. As she studied Art History in Amsterdam, she found a great base to expand her knowledge by wandering around the Stedelijk Museum or visiting the many medieval sites and 17th Century Canal houses. 

Being surrounded by Art so much in her daily life made her more curious about her own abilities to create. It finally helped her to express herself, being an introverted personality.


Sheila started working in different parts of the jewellery industry in Amsterdam. Eager to learn, she explored nearly every part of the jewellery industry. Combined with her love for Art, she developed an interest in contemporary jewellery and their alternative materials. What especially struck her was the freedom in creating. It is therefore unsurprising that she turned to jewellery when she started creating her own works of art.

First Pieces

She finally moved to London around the Millennium, travelled extensively and spent much of her time in the Alps, balancing her culturally rich and busy Metropole life with the peaceful nature in the Mountains.

This is where she came up with her first Wearable Art pieces, as she was repurposing waste that had washed ashore at the Geneva Lake. Environmental responsibility had been a priority for Sheila since her adolescence, so it was not unexpected that her first work was a statement against pollution. It landed her two exhibitions shortly after. Her first more wearable jewels were snapped up by friends and family which made her work expand to other countries through world by mouth. However, Sheila did not yet feel ready to present her work to the world at the time. She had just started creating, and she felt that she needed time to grow into her art and style, as well as figure out which direction she wanted to take with her jewellery.

As she was living in Rome in 2015, she decided that it was her purpose in life to show her pieces to the world, and she came up with the three collections that she's had to this day, covering a range of wearable art to edgy and quirky jewellery. 


Sheila is drawn to natural, pure and rough gemstones and minerals, and she only creates one of a kind pieces. She says that her style is somewhere between minimalistic and Renaissance, if you would have to describe it. Her style has evolved greatly over the years, and it reflects different parts of her personality. These differences are captured well in her three different collections: Arty Scenes, Conversation Pieces and Purely Wired. 

Arty Scenes reflects her social awareness, her love for animals and nature, and her environmental concerns, but it also enhances scenes from the past, like childhood memories or fairy tales. Conversations Pieces is based on her love for stones, which she weaves into jewellery with wire, using her own patented techniques. Lastly, Purely Wired was founded out of her own practical need for unique yet light-wear earrings on her travels.

As of 2020, Sheila Westera's jewellery will be available on more platforms.