About Sheila Westera

Sheila Westera creates wearable art for a rapidly increasing group of discerning clients and collectors, tired of the repetitiveness in mainstream jewellery.  Her idiosyncratic statement designs, ensure the cocktail rings, cuffs, necklaces, pendants or earrings they are wearing, become ‘The Talk of the Party'.  Sheila’s free flow wire bending embracing unique natural nuggets, results in a true couture collection, as no two pieces are ever the same! She personally makes each piece, which ensures an inimitable level of exclusivity.

Sheila had worked for over a decade in Amsterdam’s jewellery trade, but she felt no urge to design with the sparkly faceted diamonds for which the industry is so famous. Instead, she was drawn to natural and rough gemstones and minerals, feeling compelled to use one-of-a-kind chunks of raw materials in her creations.

Sheila started designing bespoke jewellery while living in London 6 years ago.  Her original inspiration was repurposing the waste which started to wash up with more frequency on the shore of her Lake Geneva holiday home. Environmental responsibility has been an important part of her life, beginning with her youth in the Netherlands, so she decided to combine her art and architecture education with those ethics to create beauty from the debris.  Initially, purely a project for personal fulfilment, Sheila agreed for the collection to be exhibited at an Amsterdam gallery, resulting in critical acclaim. Her distinctive 'wire bending' was particularly applauded, with the now patented technique, becoming the cornerstone of the Sheila Westera London brand.

Sheila's body of designs started with two markedly divergent collections, Conversations Pieces and Purely Wired. Both were quickly snapped up by friends and family, with her client base rapidly expanding, as others saw her pieces being worn. Sheila draws for inspiration from her varied life experiences and memories, her artistic flair and her quirky sense of humour. Conversation Pieces is a sumptuous collection of Statement Rings, Pendants, Cuffs, Necklaces, Earrings and Collars designed around her three distinctive patented weaving designs; while the minimalist simplicity of Purely Wired offers a small selection of delicate asymmetric Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets, which are fashioned from single strands of Sheila's signature wire bending.

Staying true to her social and environmental concerns, Sheila continues to build her brand on a foundation of responsible principals.  She is very aware that the majority of the jewellery industry perpetuates the dark history of its supply chains, so as she grows and evolves, she endeavours to ensure that she works with a more sustainable and ethical supply network. Sheila’s team are continually researching expanding her suppliers to build on the values of her name and ethics.