In the press

  • Goldbook magazine Nov 2020

    My work has been chosen by this jewellery magazine, that publishes four times per year in Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey. Check! GOLDBOOK Magazine View Post
  • Residence magazine October 2020

    Chosen again by stylist @mimiberlin @jwkaldenbach to be featured in their Opera editorial, for this important Dutch interior glossy. *Better photos will be following.  View Post
  • VO+ Jewellery magazine, September 2020

    VO+ Whoohoo! Soon I will be showing you the article of my jewellery being featured in this unique jewellery magazine, one of the best jewellery magazines that I know! View Post
  • London Life Magazine, September 2020

  • Luxuria Lifestyle June 2020

    SHEILA WESTERA – UNIQUE, ONE-OF-A-KIND JEWELLERY Written by Debbie Stone Global Editor for Luxuria Lifestyle International Unique, stylish and glamorous that’s how I would describe Sheila Westera of London’s jewellery. Sheila has a great deal of experience with fine jewellery having worked with... View Post