A Dutch Adventure, from Amsterdam to Buren : "My first Jewellery Fair"

Hello lovely people,

Finally, I've got a new blog for you! I've been wanting to share a slice of life with you earlier, but with all the changes in the news and the constant hustle, it took longer than expected. Having you here makes it all the sweeter to share.

I'm thrilled to share some highlights with you in this blog, and one exciting thing is that I’m attending a jewellery fair for the very first time! Over the years, many friends and people like yourself have asked me why I haven't showcased my work at events. Well, firstly, I take my time, especially because I create each jewel myself, and sometimes I'm a bit wary of taking on more work. Silly, I know, but it's true! Then finally this year, the right opportunity came along, being invited to submit my portfolio, and voilà, I've clinched a spot!

The exclusive Fair named SIERAAD, is a Dutch jewellery event, which had been held for twenty years in Amsterdam, drawing in an international crowd of jewellery makers, goldsmiths, and jewellery aficionados.

The SIERAAD & FRIENDS jewellery art fair marks a change of scenery this year, to a smaller town, namely the medieval town of Buren which is taking place towards the end of May, so basically in six weeks. It will be in a much more intimate atmosphere, with only 25 jewellery makers in attendance. This sounded like a great way of showcasing my work, as I’m known to be more comfortable hiding in the mountains mostly.
The city of Buren can call itself Oranjestad, because of the connection with the royal family, as William of Orange married Anna van Buren in 1551. Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander are therefore Countess and Count of Buren.

The Saint Lambertus Church, located on the Markt near the Peperstraat in the middle of the town, is where The jewellery fair will be taking place from the 24th to the 26th of May 2024. The church was founded in 1367 as a chapel and was named a parish church in 1395 after Saint Lambertus. Kings and queens of the Netherlands are entitled to titles such as Countess of Buren and Baroness of Grave, IJsselstein, and Cranendonk. All these titles were brought in by Anna van Buren at the time.

Join me in embracing this new chapter, where we celebrate craftsmanship, traditional goldsmiths' work, and contemporary jewellery, against the backdrop of a historical church. Buren is located in the centre of the Netherlands, a 30-minute drive south from Utrecht by car.

I’m thrilled to be part of this new direction of a high-quality event, and you can be too!

Did I mention it? I've still got a few tickets to give away. Next to the scoop in my newsletter, and in my blog here, I will soon announce it through my social media feeds too.

Write me a short message via email through my website and answer me: why you need to get this ticket!! 

Otherwise, you can use this QR code to buy tickets online to attend the SIERAAD & Friends discount via Eventixshop, and get a nicer ticket price! 

Feel free to spread those posts, so more people can find their way with a possible free ticket. Your support means the world to us 25 jewellery makers as we embark on this exciting journey together.


Oh, and you can find some of my latest photos here from our creative rendezvous in Paris, I wanted to collaborate again with Giuseppe Bini, as we’ve been planning something for some time, amidst our already busy schedules. First, we nailed a date in Lausanne, Switzerland, where we met up and did some brainstorming.

We hired a mostly Parisian squad. Stylist and visionary Guillaume Boulez, makeup artist Sigrid Larsson, Swedish-born, and our very own Amsterdam darling, Tessa who had to lend her hands to cook up some extra awesomeness. Parisian model Edwina Zajdermann exuded elegance as she graced the lens. Stay tuned for more snippets from our Parisian adventure, as two additional models will be shown in the coming blogs and social media.

I have a few (well, maybe many) new jewels to share with you! More on my website, in the next weeks, or wait for my next blog.

Until next time, and may your days also be filled with joy!

Warm regards,
Sheila xx

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