Embracing the Beauty: A personal reflection on the year gone by.

A very warm Happy New Year to you all! In the spirit of the season, let's ride the wave of well wishes a little longer, shall we? The new year may officially begin, but together with a genuine warmth of heartfelt greetings that lingers, transcending timelines.

As I sit here, contemplating the bygone year amid global challenges, my mind drifts into daydreams laden with reflections and memories.

Nestled in the heart of a quaint Swiss mountain village, I find immense joy in capturing moments with the wonderful new people who grace my life, since we started living here. The stunning backdrop of the Alps serves as the canvas for many photographic stories, and so is the five-star Kempinski Palace hotel, where my jewellery has a home, and often the stage for smaller shoots or videos.

I like to tell you more about myself, little by little, trough these blogs and my social media.. if I can find enough time. 

I like to start the new year by writing about food.. and jewels. Food, has been a constant companion, woven into my life from a young age. Raised by a father immersed in the world of food and wine professionally, my culinary journey began with turning the pages of his numerous cookbooks that could be found in our house. Cooking, for me, is a delightful synergy of creativity, much like creating jewellery, although jewellery has a slightly different feeling. As I reflect, I realise that my passion for both is deeply intertwined, next to my other interests. 

Food, and everything that comes with it for a long as I can remember, is just joyful, without trying to make it sound elite, I just always loved my father talking food, just like many of my French, Spanish and Italian friends do and with passion, which I love. Being a creator of jewels, or being a cook is the same to me, it’s part of expressing my creative side, next to inviting the nicest people over to sit and eat at our table.

Over a year ago, I was invited to test a new restaurant, Villa Hundert, nestled amongst a gentle Alpine meadow high up in my village. I was immediately captivated by the warm eclectic Alpine feel, infused with a Nordic touch, and the splendid views overlooking the village. But, above all, my passion for food and wine was instantly kindled at this amazing place! I fell in love; because this was exactly what I had been seeking ever since moving to the Swiss Alps. Lucky me.

Innovative and inspired solely by nature, the restaurant embodies my vision of culinary perfection. Here, cooking techniques are executed in the most beautiful and natural way, complemented by an exciting selection of Swiss wines. While it might seem unconventional to discuss a restaurant in this space, it makes perfect sense if you understand my background, don't you think? The experience left an indelible impression on me.

Villa Hundert, www.villa-hundert.ch 

A subsequent photoshoot with my dear friend Julia captured the essence of this unique culinary haven—a story I'll delve into more in due time. For real-time updates and a closer look at my journey, do follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

More gratitude fills my heart for the unforeseen opportunities that graced my path. Last autumn, my work featured at the prestigious New York Jewelry Week, an exhilarating moment shared with talented jewellery artists worldwide. The journey to this milestone was almost thwarted by misplaced emails—lost in the depths of my spam folder, saved by a fortuitous Instagram message. That’s me also.. 

In another exciting turn of events, my black onyx ring adorned the cover of the Dutch Financial Times magazine, a highlight that filled me with pride.

For more features and moments, visit the NEWS section on my website's home page and click IN THE PRESS.

This blog, intended for the holiday season, took a backseat to the cherished moments spent with family, creating memories against the serene backdrop of snow-covered landscapes during our long walks. Christmas, a celebration of togetherness, echoed with laughter and joy in the company of both sides of our family.

In this blog, I'm not mentioning any new jewels, but soon I will do again! 

As we navigate the winter's darkness and uncertainties, I urge you to find solace in the beauty around you. In the midst of our shared emotional landscapes, embrace the small moments of joy that weave a unique tapestry. Here's to living in the moment and cherishing the stories that make each of us beautifully unique.

Sheila xx

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