• My summer blog!

    Hello dear friends! When I started writing this blog a few weeks ago, the weather shifted dramatically from glorious summer sunshine to cold rainy days. It seems we are all enduring this together in Northern Europe ... Luckily, my mood isn't much affected by the weather. Of course, it can be chal... View Post
  • Embracing the Beauty: A personal reflection on the year gone by.

    A very warm Happy New Year to you all! In the spirit of the season, let's ride the wave of well wishes a little longer, shall we? The new year may officially begin, but together with a genuine warmth of heartfelt greetings that lingers, transcending timelines. As I sit here, contemplating the by... View Post
  • November, and finding Positivity in a Complex World

    Dear friends, As I sit down to write this amid November, surrounded by the beautiful Autumn colours, it's hard to ignore the turmoil and challenges that the world continues to face. The stories in the news fill our hearts with anxiety and sorrow. I wonder why humanity still grapples with conflict... View Post
  • Autumn, yet another joyous season!

    Hello, dear friends! It feels like ages since I last poured my thoughts onto these digital pages, and I'm thrilled to be back. Autumn is very much felt here in the Alps and with lots of sunshine. Last weekend, the cows descended from their Alpine meadows, all dressed up with flowers and bells, to... View Post
  • A Lovely Long start - and a Happy Valentines!

    January, truly has been the longest month of the Year, and it felt like it should never end. Today, on Valentines day, this blog is finally launched. The long nights and short days, of this past period, made me shift my perspectives somehow.. I found myself thinking about my pieces and their begi... View Post