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Hello dear friends!

When I started writing this blog a few weeks ago, the weather shifted dramatically from glorious summer sunshine to cold rainy days. It seems we are all enduring this together in Northern Europe ... Luckily, my mood isn't much affected by the weather. Of course, it can be challenging to be outside when it's hot, so I prefer to seek the shade. Rain can be somewhat messy, especially when outdoor plans are disrupted, but then I just put on my raincoat, and voila, problem solved. I think it’s a mindset because I remember as a child loving to be outside in the rain, playing, especially during warm Dutch summer days.


As you know, I recently attended the SIERAAD & FRIENDS jewellery art fair in the Netherlands, which I announced in my last blog. I travelled alone by train from Switzerland to the Netherlands, carrying my jewels together with display materials, booklets, postcards, and some finished jewellery for clients. It wasn't easy to manage, especially because I missed my first connection from my mountain village, as in Lucerne the train to Basel left before my very eyes. And this was just the beginning of my eight hour journey. I had to change my booking, and needed to change at even more stations with a heavy suitcase and a large bag, but I did it!

Some images I took in Buren, rain and sun, we had it all! Inside the church where the fair was being held.


The fair was well-organised, featuring twenty-five participants, of which I was one. From classical goldsmith work to Japanese pearl specialists, amber artisans, and creators of ceramic, perspex, porcelain, kinetic, highly inventive, and contemporary jewels—it was a feast for the eyes and senses.

Busy days during the set-up. The doors would open for the public on the next day. 


Tessa and Marjolein

It was exciting to participate. For me, to finally meet some of my clients, whom I know from my online presence only, next to meeting people who admired my work and style by having followed me on social media for years. I was thrilled to showcase my jewels in person, with the invaluable help of Marjolein, a jewellery expert, and Tessa.

Some participants. Silly me, I have been too busy to take photos of all the participants.. Here are some photos of Michael Berger, from Germany, with his truly wonderful Kinetic jewellery, Tony Drawbridge, from New Zealand with his perspex jewels, and Miho Takagi, a Japanese artists who repurposes items into jewels, and Eline van der Laag, from The Netherlands with her very clever and innovative jewels. 


Taste, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, and with such a variety of work, there was something for everyone. From interesting to simply beautiful, glamorous to intriguingly complex, many works were truly captivating.

Mirjam Jakubowski, one of the goldsmiths standing at my stand, next to one of my new clients. An bought a bi-colour ring, featuring a raw Purperite stone, a wonderful nuance of purple, and a real statement ring that she will be wearing at an upcoming party, I was told!


Buren the wonderful medieval town, that I got to explore. 



Scenes from my stay in Zwolle, my birthplace.

After three days at the fair, I decided to extend my stay in the Netherlands. I visited Zwolle to catch up with friends like Rietje, one of my oldest friends, and Lineke, my mother's best and oldest friend, who is like family to me and currently unwell.. I didn't plan much beyond enjoying the company of friends and family, and I finally got to eat herring again!



Other great news, I wanted to share is that my jewels will soon be sold in Switzerland at three highly exclusive locations: Gstaad, Geneva, and Zurich! More on this in my next blog.

My journey continues as I seek more unique shops that align with my values and I’m picky... and all in good time, of course. Alongside that I'm selling my jewels online worldwide.

I'm currently managing all this, next to creating jewels. I would love to spend more time developing my Arty Scenes Collection and a little more time painting. I always look forward to the next challenges. 

An impression of my latest Lookbook. 


When you have subscribed to my newsletter you already viewed my latest LOOKBOOK by having clicked on the link. A lookbook that I've created with photos made with Giuseppe in Paris this year and I hope to attach a link on my website soon, for all of you to enjoy it too. 

Thank you for joining me on my special journey. And now let's enjoy our Summer! 

Sheila xx

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