Cheers to summer holidays

Happy July

Summer holidays have begun! I hope you are all doing great and have had a wonderful month. As life starts tipping towards being normal again, I’m starting to get back into the habit of planning some small trips away, something we did all the time before covid, going away for a weekend, usually by car. Nothing better than going away for a few days and dipping into another culture.

When In Rome

My first trip away this year will of course be to Rome. How could I stay away? I can’t wait to catch up with my friends there, revisit my favourite places in the city and taste all the amazing food that Rome has to offer, there is nothing like it. We found a lovely hotel in Trastevere, a place that we discovered when we lived in Rome and I can’t wait to be back in the area. Beautiful gardens and a buzzing and lively atmosphere, slightly hidden away from the tourist buzz but still located very centrally. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to keep my hotel a local secret.

My perfect trip away is all about amazing food and interesting cultures 

I would love to drive down to the south of Italy as well, and if time allows us, travel to the Dalmatian coast, that might be another idea. Road trips along the coast, stopping for ocean views and a delicious meal (paired maybe with a glass of wine), a summer breeze, what more could I ask for. I do tend to visit places that offer me extra culture and great food. I live for taste and I adore food, and I prefer a wide variety of cuisines. Give me all sorts of new and interesting flavours and I am one happy lady. 

Holidays at home in the Alps

I need to be back home for the third week of July though, because we have family visiting us for two weeks in the alps. We are definitely still making the most of the place we call home! Summer in Switzerland is magical, hikes in the mountains, always surrounded by the many cows that graze the fields in the alps, or a day on a lake, crystal clear water, mountain views in the background, pure bliss. 

Daring, Fresh and Unique Summer Pieces

Daphne, a gorgeous necklace with two raw stones, a raw stone found in the Swiss Alps and one from my personal collection. The two stones have a soft shine to them, glistening gently in the light, the one that I found in the Alps is a beautiful soft green which pairs so sweetly with the raw lilac coloured Mica, the stones are set separately within a golden embrace. 

Bree, a beautiful one-of-a-kind necklace, stunning blue matched with the yellow gold setting, a piece that will catch your eye from across the room. The incredible raw blue azurite set in a beautiful golden web, on a small golden wire, makes for a wonderfully unique choker style necklace. 

I hope this summer you can explore a little, be that a town nearby, a restaurant you’ve never visited before, a cuisine you have never tried or maybe even a new country!  

Xx Sheila

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