New Release - ROYAL DELIGHT - A December Treat

Happy December!

It’s coming up to that time of year again, the busiest season. Organising dinner parties, sending off cards to family and friends, the mad hunt for the perfect gift, end of year work celebrations, baking cookies, creating dinner menus for the holidays, choosing the right day to go into town to avoid the crowds - an annual dance that wonderfully combines the stress and magic of it all into one beautiful big balancing act. 

Royal Delight

To tip the scale a little over towards the more wonderful side of things, I have a brand new series coming out! Royal Delight is my new series which has taken Sheila Westera London a little step further into the world of more luxurious jewellery. Royal, because unlike many of my other works, I worked solely with polished stones and I also created pieces which have two stones atop each other, almost in a tower like fashion and Delight, as the pieces resemble sweet treats. Royal Delight. 

A new direction 

Royal Delight has really pushed my creative style in a new direction, allowing me to grow as an artist and expand the ways in which I can creatively express myself through my pieces. Up until my later series Black Conversation Pieces and Watch It, the core style within my Conversation Pieces Collection was to highlight the pure connection between the stone and the setting. Royal Delight is my first series where I have used only polished stones, giving these pieces such a unique space within my work.  

My love of history 

I’ve had a keen interest in historical jewels for a long time and have been learning about the history of jewellery throughout most of my life. Through my studies, my work, visiting exhibitions all around the world, reading books and studying art I have learned so much about jewellery and the more I learn, the more I love it. I’ve always been excited by the very old styles, from Byzantium to more recent Medieval and Renaissance styles and in a way, all these many styles have become a part of me and created my personal taste and may quite possibly, although unintentionally, have been translated into my own works. Although I adore royal jewels, how could you not admire the incredible craftsmanship and the extraordinary materials that they used for royal jewellery, it is a style that, at this point of time, you won’t see reflected in my work. You may however recognise the influence of styles from Italian postmodern to Byzantin in Royal Delight. 

Introducing my new rings

A first close up look into my newest series. Cocktail rings made to shine, a new side of Conversation Pieces with the lovely polished stones and the beautiful towering of one stone set on top of a base stone. Royal Delight is a series that embodies bold, edgy, unique and classy, all in one. 

Phaedra is a stunning cocktail ring which beautifully ties the light natural colours of the stones with the yellow gold of the intricate setting. The sweet soft tones of the Akoya seawater pearl compliment the beautiful pink ocean Jaspis stone, a truly gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece.

Camilla,  a beautiful ring which plays with the beauty of using contrasting colours. The stunning green Zoisite stone matched with the faceted ruby all set within a glorious yellow gold woven embrace make for an incredible classy yet edgy cocktail ring.

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