A Sweet Spring Surprise

Happy Easter

The spring feeling has started and for me it is the best time in the Alps, although London was wonderful too, seeing the streets around my house lined up with beautiful Magnolia trees. Spring to me is a new beginning, more sunlight and blue skies, the air smells of blooming flowers and the birds are chirping. Let's make it a special one, since the future looks a lot brighter than what we have experienced the last twelve months. We can start dreaming of meeting up with friends and family, go to restaurants,  parties and other great events. Now we have to start thinking again when and what to wear and wouldn't it be nice to add some gold as well.


Checking in since last time.

With this new blog I want to add a dash of sweet happiness to your day. In my latest blog I shared a harsh message, delving into my latest Arty Scenes piece "The Warning Mask". You should know that this message was an incredibly important one to me, as I really put my soul into my Arty Scenes collection. It has been exciting to be sharing more from my Arty Scenes collection. So many blurred lines along the way, but finally I think I’m at a point where we have a fairly clean distinction between my three collections.

Workshop Feelings

My workshop feels the change of season most of all in my house. Spring for me is also about tidying up my small workshop, I’ve been cleaning it up and re-arranging display materials. There’s one corner of my workshop, a special place and the only spot where I display my jewellery for myself. I think it’s so important to be able to take a step back and look at finished pieces. It gives me renewed inspiration for future designs or it helps me go and pick up some pieces from my collection that I’m not totally satisfied with and I love to reshape them in a new direction in design. 

Easter Vibe Surprises

Hazel and White Rabbit are two pieces of mine that I think embrace the liveliness of spring. They are rings from my Conversation Pieces collection and both feature rabbits. Hazel is a blackened silver web nesting a pink rabbit and White Rabbit is a white bunny in a bi-colour golden embrace. I felt like having a little bunny along with you for the day has to be a reason to smile and maybe subconsciously create a connection to the outside world, a little reminder of the nature that surrounds us. If you are interested in these pieces contact me, since they aren't on the online shop yet as with many other pieces. 

NEW RINGS - Purely Wired Collection.

I’m excited to share with you that I’m currently working on new rings for my Purely Wired collection. We have been selling more over the past few months and to witness this growth is simply wonderful. Rings that are lighter, sometimes with smaller stones, organically shaped by my hands. To make sure to be keeping them light-weight, because that is what this collection is all about. They are cute and for every day (many of my clients love them).

Do check out my collection online, since I will be adding new stock every week.

Purely Wired Collection


The most beautiful thing about this spring is that it really feels like the beginning of something good and brand new, and you can almost hear the world dancing to a happier beat. 

Xx Sheila


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