September thoughts

It has been a while since my last blog post!

I'm so pleased that you're reading my blog and that you are here right now. I have a little story to tell...

As quite an introvert jewellery creator, I create and sculpt jewellery that stems from my emotions. You probably know this already if you have been following me on social media. However, being introverted also means that I find it difficult to keep you updated on my blog.. ;)

So, what have I been up to?

I've been working on creating new jewellery, and as we speak, I'm busy updating my webshop and my shop on my webshop on 1stdibs. Also, I travelled a bit in the past 6 months...

In March, I went to Baselworld Last April we went to the New York City (and the U.S. East Coast in general) for a few weeks. In New York, I visited the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), which has truly inspired me and through which I've come into contact with very interesting people! I've also been on my usual trips to London and Amsterdam a few times. Furthermore, I took some trips to Milan, where I visited Masterly Milano, and I haven't yet stopped exploring more of nearby Zurich and Lucerne. I also went to Verona, Saarbrucken, Mantua and Sondrio... sometimes, I find it hard to keep track of my travels myself!


However, my busy lifestyle and all the work I do, unfortunately resulted in an RSI in my right arm in August... It was quite the wake-up call to take more care of myself, and gave me some times to reflect on the past half year.

I'm grateful that I'm learning to organise myself a better with the help of others. Some collaborations worked out really well, some didn't... another lesson learned. It takes time to grow in how to collaborate in presenting my work... I've learned that it's important to learn from others and their experiences, but an artist should never loose sight of their own ideas in the end result.


Next to this, I've taken time to reflect on how wonderful it is that I've been able to live in so many different places and countries for the past few years... time flies! We never think too far ahead when it comes to staying in one place... it all just, sort of, happens. As you might know, I'm quite spontaneous, and I really live in the moment. That's how I love living my life. I'm always up for an adventure.

Years ago, we decided it might be a nice idea to relax from our busy London life style and go skiing in the Swiss Alps for a bit. When we went back to London, I thought: why not go to Rome for a few weeks as well? These weeks turned into months, which turned into a year and a half...! During our stay in Rome, the Brexit referendum was held.


It's years later now, and we're still not sure how that is going to turn out for us... In the meantime, we moved from Rome to the Mountains in the Central Swiss Alps... As I'm typing this blog, I'm taking a few moments now and then to take in the beautiful view and the snow on the mountain top... (Snow, even in September!) I could never get enough of the clean air, and the most stunning views from our little town. Even though I love London almost more than anything in the world, I do see myself moving here permanently. I can always come back for a visit, if I miss the big city vibes and if I need a taste of my old London lifestyle. Who would have thought that I might want to move to a small Mountain Town?


Anyway, as my arm is getting better, I'm becoming a busy bee once again. You can follow up on my daily progress, new photos of jewellery, interests, more personal stories, nature scenes and other beautiful things on my social media accounts -- find the many links down below. 

I'm most active on my instagram account (@sheilawestera) and I would love to see you on there to show you my latest photos and jewellery. 

It would be also mean a lot to me if you visited my website and my webshop on 1stdibs and took a look at my latest work that I am busy uploading.



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