How are you doing? A tough question to answer for sure, especially as this past year has been incredibly hard, taxing and exhausting for so many of us. However I can't stop thinking that we do have time to reflect with all that extra quiet time and stillness which arrived along with the chaos of the pandemic. I think things will get better by putting the right energy back into all of this. I believe that Covid-19 is a kind of wake up call for most of us, at least it has been for me.

Over the years I developed a concern about many things and I felt the need to express myself and so, my wearable art works is where my 'jewellery story' started. I was hiding most of my very first work for years but in the meantime, these more 'in deep' works, now have chosen a tongue in cheek name: Arty Scenes, the true reason why I started to create. It started with 'rubbish' that I happened to make into jewellery.

In the first photo here you see the young Gloria, my Godchild, at 'our beach' helping me to clean the shores. In the third photo you see her posing wearing one of my latest works, based on all the natural treasures the Earth is spoiling us with. In the middle you find one of my oldest works, and at the same time it's one of the more wearable and elegant pieces I made at that time. It's holding found pieces of glass from the lake.

How we treat our planet has been a worry of mine for a long time. From a young age I have been interested in nature and I was intrigued by this great big organ that we call Earth. I have learned so much over the years, and I hope to never stop learning. 

I think that It's time to raise a lot more awareness, spread more love and we should give our beautiful mother Earth a break, wherever possible. We still have time to reverse our wrongdoings, especially if we can all come together and unite. This period of unrest can be seen as an opportunity to learn and become better, and encourage others to follow suit. 

We should care more about the welfare of animals, and about our planet. Our environment, our nature, it's not that complicated and certainly not a mission impossible! The cliché of having more respect and understanding for each other, is true and not only during the Christmas season. Let's continue to be more giving and more caring, this coming year and beyond, let us wrap ourselves in mindfulness and compassion.


In this process it's important to start learning more, and get involved or more informed in how we can make that change. There are so many organisations on social media, some great accounts that can even 'teach us' in a relaxed way.

@liviafirth @plasticfreemermaid @MikaelaLoach @RobJGreenfield @going.zero.waste @TheFairlyLocalVegan @thegreenhub_ @saraweinreb @JillEMatthews @zerowastehome @consciousnchic There might be even more local accounts that inspire you. The list is long, people care. Some accounts that inform you more about the state of our planet are: @natgeo @leonardodicaprio @nrdc_org @oceana @Rare_Org etc etc

These are quite tough thoughts for many, because we actually all like to be comfortable in our ways, but we do have time left to make a change, and to start living in a better world and have a better future. Many companies and governments are stuck in their ways, let's make some kind of sound! 

I love to raise more awareness and my artworks allow me to express myself. You can follow me on my new instagram account @sheilawestera.artyscenes where I will be sharing more some of my thoughts.

You will find beauty, jewels with stones etc from my usual instagram account @sheilawestera 

Let’s start being more mindful together. I wish you all a wonderful week and a sweet start to the winter. 

Xx Sheila


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    Your story and your work is just so unique. I love it all. Beautiful photos too! xxxx

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