"Bubbles" Series: Wearable Art Pieces

I am a lover of anything that relates to nature. I love being in nature, preferably in wild and untamed sceneries in different parts of the world, because I love to explore. But I adore the Alps as well!

When I went to Sicily many years ago, I became fascinated with volcanoes. I was mesmerised by lava bubbling up from deep within the Earth's core. At the same time, I started wondering how humans have dealt with living near volcanoes and the constant threat of possible eruptions. Maybe the mineral-rich ash produced by volcanoes made life more attractive, as it helps to grow crops... who knows. Our Earth is a mystery and we can't keep her under control, which is endlessly fascinating.


Ring "Blobb"from the "Bubbles" series.


Volcanic eruptions produce minerals: the magma rises from the depths to the surface and cools, forming crystals from chemical elements, like how rain turns into snow in the cold. Over time, under pressure or as a result of high temperatures, the magma produces minerals. The rarest of these "Earth's jewels" are used in jewellery: they come in all colours, in different degrees of hardness, and in many crystal shapes. Stones are super fascinating, which is why one of my collections is devoted entirely to my love for stones. Stones bring me closer to our Earth, and I only like them natural and untreated. This is why I usually search for pure and raw, or fabulously natural or rare finds but they can be common stones as well. 


Ring "Black Magic!"from the "Bubbles" series.


 In June of 2018, the creation of stones was a sudden trending topic: after the eruption of the Hawaiian vulcano Kilauea, some residents claimed that it had been raining little crystals of green peridots... imagine! Could this be true? A geologist eventually explained that they were little olivine stones from an eruption in the past. It did, however, shine another light on one of the most fascinating natural processes on Earth: the miracles of volcanic activity and the secret world that lays deep within the Earth, of which we only see the surface...

Volcanoes are reminding us that there is a lot more going on and most of us aren't even aware of the gigantic mass of lava and magma that lays underneath the surface of the earth... until we are reminded by a volcanic eruption. About 95% of the oceans on Earth haven't even been explored yet and we have so much to learn. Our curious minds and technology have brought us so much knowledge, yet our Earth is still keeping a lot of secrets for us.


Cuff "Playtime", from the "Bubbles" series


My imagination is always triggered by what goes on all those miles underneath the Earth's surface. Magma and lava and the magical process of lava bubbling up from deep within our earth. These processes are my inspiration for my Bubbles Series, another series of wearable art pieces from my Arty Scenes. These pieces have a bit of a raw touch (like all my work), but it is never chaotic. I want my work to be spontaneous and a little primitive, in a way. Even though my Bubbles series has a common theme, some pieces becomes more luxurious, like "Playtime", a cuff for which I used pearls and a beautiful carved coral.


 "Bubbles" series necklace


You can imagine how proud I was that one of my clients fell in love with this work and asked me to create a "Bubbles" necklace that could be worn at her wedding! There couldn't be a greater compliment for my work. After all, I mostly create statements, but with the intent to have them be worn by someone special. Like for most of my work, but especially for my "Bubbles" series, I need to be in the right state of mind, and I need to have a lot of time to be able to create a piece... and I'm busy creating!

Here are some more pieces from my "Bubbles" series: Black Magic!Blobb, and Unleashed.


Ring "Black Magic!"


Ring "Blobb" 


Ring "Unleashed"



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