Arty Scenes

  • "Bubbles" Series: Wearable Art Pieces

    I am a lover of anything that relates to nature. I love being in nature, preferably in wild and untamed sceneries in different parts of the world, because I love to explore. But I adore the Alps as well! When I went to Sicily many years ago, I became fascinated with volcanoes. I was mesmerised by... View Post
  • What is the Difference between my Collections? Arty Scenes, Conversation Pieces, and Purely Wired.

    Let me explain something more about my work to you…! My work is what I love. It is my biggest passion and it lets me express my unbridled mind. However, it also means I’ve taken many roads to get where I am now, as I keep coming up with new ideas for my work.   Beginning Especially in the beginni... View Post