Arty Scenes

  • A Lovely Long start - and a Happy Valentines!

    January, truly has been the longest month of the Year, and it felt like it should never end. Today, on Valentines day, this blog is finally launched. The long nights and short days, of this past period, made me shift my perspectives somehow.. I found myself thinking about my pieces and their begi... View Post
  • An Eye Catching Release

    Eye See you I have created two brand new series for my Conversation Pieces collection! The EYE SEE YOU series, a tale of one of my earliest, almost obsessions. What makes today’s new release super special is that this new series is all about earrings, a brand new jewellery item for my Conversatio... View Post
  • "Bubbles" Series: Wearable Art Pieces

    I am a lover of anything that relates to nature. I love being in nature, preferably in wild and untamed sceneries in different parts of the world, because I love to explore. But I adore the Alps as well! When I went to Sicily many years ago, I became fascinated with volcanoes. I was mesmerised by... View Post
  • What is the Difference between my Collections? Arty Scenes, Conversation Pieces, and Purely Wired.

    Through each of my collections, I'm able to express my unbridled mind. At the very beginning My first work wasn't really about adornment. I created a neckpiece with sharp edged glass, rough wood, antlers, plastic, basically anything that was washed upon shores, as a reaction to an ever increasing... View Post