• Pets who travel, hotel scenes, and new baubles!

    In a cat’s eye, all things belong to cats. This could not be more true, according to George: the rescue kitten that I found on the streets of Dalmatia, abandoned by his mother when he was only a few weeks old. When I heard his little screams, my animal-loving heart broke, and I just had to take ... View Post
  • Unique jewellery, what is it worth?

    Materials. In an ideal world, I would have loved to work with pure gold, except it’s too soft to create jewels from and it’s also a costly material. When I created my first jewels, I created them from textile cords, and much later from copper wire. A few small scale exhibitions followed in the Ne... View Post
  • My Heart Lies in Stones

    I love stones. When I grew up in The Netherlands, there was a stone shop in the old centre, a small overstuffed space, where they sold machines and tools. It wasn’t your usual stone shop that you find nowadays, you know with the cleansing and ethereal feel. Machinery and metal tools hanging on th... View Post
  • A Lovely Long start - and a Happy Valentines!

    January, truly has been the longest month of the Year, and it felt like it should never end. Today, on Valentines day, this blog is finally launched. The long nights and short days, of this past period, made me shift my perspectives somehow.. I found myself thinking about my pieces and their begi... View Post

    My life is about super charged jewels and George..  Christmas time is that special time of the year, when you are just longing for a white winter wonderland, cozy moments, gluh-wein, spending time with friends and family, and have some lovely holiday parties. Only, this year we are having a part... View Post