Rockin it

‘Rockin it’... and she does! When you are into stones like Sheila, you really want them to be close to you. Sheila thought when you wear a ring with an interesting raw stone on your finger, which is quite the statement, it will be equally interesting to be wearing them in a necklace! The hand selected raw beauties are set into Sheila's own invented technique. 'Possessions' is one of the many unique techniques that are hers only, and featured in this piece. The intricate wire work makes sure that every stone is being held safely, while following the natural curves, which makes for an unusual and important flow, style wise.

Unique, and One-of-a-Kind, words and a meaning that were of upmost importance to herto say the least, and she keeps astonishing us with her ultimate unique, stylish and edgy jewels, that are true Conversations starters! 'Rockin It' necklace, says it all, and this beauty belongs to her ever growing Conversation Pieces Collection.

  • Conversation Pieces
  • Style: one-of-a-kind, nine stone necklace 
  • Technique: Possessions
  • Stones/Gemstones: raw purple fluorite, lilac mica, aventurine, serpentine, rock crystal, malachite, amethyst, rock crystal and green calcite
  • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled
  • Measurements: at the longest length this necklace (on the model) sits around 55cm around your neck and at her shortest length she measures 43 cm
  • Weight: 156 gram

This is a distinctive One-of-a-Kind Design, and an exclusive contemporary piece of Jewellery, personally created by Jewellery Artist Sheila Westera, currently designing at her studio in Switzerland.

Each statement Jewel by Sheila Westera is due to its uniqueness, created only in the size listed. 

Please contact us for any more details you may require on this piece or any information on how Sheila Westera can create a jewel for you. You can Commission a Custom Design by selecting a Gemstone, or a Pearl from her collection for example, or more.. and choose the metal of Your Choice. Sheila loves to discuss the possibilities to get you your Sheila Westera Bespoke Design 

  • £2,362.00