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"Claudette" ... are a pair of beautiful glossy blue stone, dangling one-of-a-kind earrings in a light jeans colour of blue. This fresh blue, is wonderful paired with yellow gold. Classy and cool with a distinct personality, unique invented by Sheila Westera herself. These jewels for your ears, have a great appeal with an edge, they frame your face in the best way possible, with a wow factor! The blue kyanite stones, are a great colour to fit with anything. A simply beautiful pair of earrings, that make you stand out of the crowd, in a charming manner. Picture a touch of Bohemian charm, elevated to new heights of elegance and chic. Sheila drew inspiration for this unique style with a playful nod to Doilies—the often white, lace-like adornments found at chic banquets or dinners, gracefully enhancing presentations of food and snacks. They have the ability to liven up any table, and come either in white cotton, linen, or in white paper and they always bring something extra to the table, quite literally. This is the true muse behind this series of earrings. Sheila's creative process to create another unique pair for the 'Jolly' series, firstly is to pair two equal-sized stones that aren't overly heavy, after where each earring must be equal in style to her twin sister, which isn't an easy job in-itself, but a very rewarding process that can take up hours of her time. The unique loop style that she invented, boasts a distinct and lovely character. The name 'Jolly' encapsulates the joyful essence that she wanted to perceive, in they make a delightful addition to her remarkable Conversation Pieces Collection. Indulge in the whimsical elegance of the 'Jolly', loop Earrings, where sophistication meets playfulness, and each piece tells a story of its own. Elevate your style with this unique creation that effortlessly stands out in any setting

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Series: Jolly
  • Setting: Embrace/ loops
  • Style: earrings
  • Gemstone: blue Kyanite
  • Material: 14k Yellow Gold-Filled 
  • Measurements: 5.4 cm long, 3.4 cm wide
  • Weight: 11 gr per earring 22 gram in total

These distinctive earrings are a one-off jewel, personally created by Sheila Westera. As a Jewellery Artist, Sheila’s passion is to only create one-of-a-kind pieces. Due to its uniqueness, each ring is created only in the size listed. Sometimes, Sheila can amend the size of the ring. However, the final decision can only be made on an individual basis.

Please contact us for any more details you may require on this piece, or if you want any information on how Sheila Westera can create a unique jewel for you. Sheila would love to discuss the possibilities of getting you your own original Statement piece or Cocktail ring by Sheila Westera. You can commission a custom design and choose from her collection of semi-precious stones, gemstones, pearls, and more. You can even choose the material of your choice: Yellow or Rose 14 krt Gold-Filled, 18 krt Gold or Sterling Silver.

  • £916.00