Modern Homage

‘Modern Homage’... is a modern homage to pearls!! Pearls, pearls, pearls, and only when presented in an exceptional way! Don't you think? Pearls are magical and they have always gave Sheila Westera an extra vibe to create something unique, because pearls are often seen as being classic and a little boring... Pearls are everywhere in Sheila's workspace, and many are kept in small boxes or drawers, where she can view them to get inspired by at the right moment, and this is exactly how she creates, according the mood of the time of creation. She loves to break boundaries and so she does with pearls too. Today, Modern Homage is ready to be admired! This amazingly edgy pearl jewel, a necklace like no other, a necklace that is quite unusual, inventive, and surely one-of-a-kind, has an edgy and glamorous vibe. The podlike shapes are set with an array of pearls, that she has been collecting. Jewels are like paintings to her, and they are either inspired by her inner energy, a question or challenge, or just her mood. This playful design, comes with dept, and the blackened silver shapes are combined with rose and yellow gold, which is making her truly inspiring and extra unique. A necklace that's part of her already unique collection for her Conversation Pieces Collection. You can sense her signature style, as the way in which she works is totally unique, her technique was invented by her, and it allows her to sculpt her jewels, instead of just smithing them. Her work comes with a natural feel, and her organic touch is hers and hers only. Jewels that are graceful and cutting edge at the same time, always balanced to suit her taste, a process that can sometimes takes up months, which was the case with Modern Homage, when finally a more exciting pearl necklace was born.

  • Conversation Pieces
  • Series: fantasy pod shapes
  • Type: one-of-a-kind short necklace
  • Stones/Gemstones: a mix of pearl shapes and nuances in grey, white, apricot, pink in sweetwater 
  • Metal: 14k rose and yellow gold-filled and blackened silver
  • Measurements: at her longest length she measures 53 cm and at her shortest length she measures 41.5 cm
  • Weight: 148 gram

This is a one-off jewel. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

Size Guide

  • £2,303.00