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‘Dora'... this beauty is another lovely Free Style Ring from Sheila's hands. The Almond Shape of this yellow gold, one-of-a-kind ring has a soft and sweet feel. Each ring in the Purely Wired collection is irregular in shape and in finish, and typical for her style. This is a medium sized ring has its own unique vibe, reflecting Sheila's vibe of the day. She only knows what she will be making, after she has started to work, and she never designs. It is all about being in the right mood to create.

  • Collection: Purely Wired
  • Style: one-of-a-kind ring
  • Material: 14 krt yellow gold-filled
  • Size: mm 16 |  US 5.5  |  UK L  |  FR 50 3/4
    -one size only-
  • Measurements: The length across the fingers measures 2.9 cm, with a maximum height of 1.3 cm. 
  • Weight: 8 gram

This ring is part of her "Purely Wired" series and they come in a Variety of Styles. You could always ask about Sheila's current stock.


Size Guide

  • £140.00 GBP