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‘Ana'...  earrings are Large, Fine, Edgy dangling earrings in yellow gold! Radiantly, twinkling from your ears, framing your face with a wonderful warm light in 14 kt yellow gold-filled. This beautiful pair of earrings were made for Sheila Westera's Purely Wired collection, a collection that proudly contains only light weight earrings. So practical and yet so Unique, because each pair is a one-of-a-kind, individually created jewel by Sheila, herself. The power of her Purely Wired earrings, sits in the fact that they can be large, very special, without being noticed too much. Elegant and Softly Twinkly, is a quality that we all look for, which makes you love them! The smaller part of this pair, hangs immediately under your ears, where she is connected to another larger interesting form, swaying with every move that you make! Perfect and for every day, and perfectly fit to stand out on that special night. 
  • Collection: Purely Wired
  • Style: one-of-a-kind earrings
  • Material: 14 krt yellow gold-filled
  • Length:  11 cm, 5. 9 cm at its widest
  • Weight: 8 grams

'Anna' is a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings, personally created by Sheila Westera. This jewel is part of her Purely Wired collection, which comes in a variety of styles. You can always ask for her current stock.

Please contact us for any more details you may require on this piece, or if you would like to know how Sheila Westera can create a jewel for you. You can commission a Custom Design and choose the material of Your Choice: sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, or 18k gold. Sheila loves to discuss the possibilities of making you your Sheila Westera Bespoke Design.

  • £247.00