About Sheila Westera

I like to create individual one-of-a-kind jewellery. 

Sheila Westera one-of-a-kind stone cocktail rings Jewellery Jewelry
Being repetitive, is boring to me. My Conversation Pieces Collection was born out of a love for stones and a passion for characterful, soulful, and the one-of-a-kind. A stone or a mood, can trigger me to sculpt, by using self invented techniques. I love unique individuals, that have their own ways with anything, and I would love to see more people expressing themselves by wearing personal jewels, to bring out the best in them.
While I was studying Art and Architecture History in Amsterdam, I worked in the fine jewellery industry for years, which was a great experience. Here I developed my love for stones, mostly high-end, and I gained knowledge in the many fields of the industry. Over time, I realised that I had developed an interest for innovative design, artists with a unique view, and a love for raw or natural looking stones.
Years later, when I started creating my own jewellery, I first incorporated all sorts of finds. As a natural activist, I was upset by things that people threw into crystal clear mountain lakes or what was left behind in nature, let alone the negligence for many more matters, happening all over the world. My first works were made with rubbish and waste and today my Arty Scenes Collection, deals with social criticism, and anything that relates to our planet, which means its beauty too.

One-of-a-Kind. When I came up with my own ways to set the stones that I had collected, I used many different metals and today my work is either made in a high quality silver, 14k gold-filled or in 18 or 22 kt gold, on assignment. My one-of-a-kind treasures, cocktail or statement rings, or however you like to name them, are always made by me. They might be set with a pebble, or a sapphire. When I was wearing my own creations in London, it sparked a conversation amongst friends, which resonated further, and finally led me to my collection Conversation Pieces. 

I love to explore, and travel light, and I like to wear earrings. I came up with the Purely Wired collection; one-of-a-kind light statements for the ears. More jewels are added in the meantime, and they are all individually created by me. 

My Arty Scenes exhibitions took place at a time that I wasn't ready to show my work.. In 2019 my more glamorous Conversation Pieces were exhibited in Milan, when I started to warm up and show my work to a wider audience. In the meantime my work is featured in magazines and in multiple jewellery blogs and I'm glad that my pieces can be found in Amsterdam, London and more recently in the Swiss Alps.