"Zeita".... is this a sweet treat? That's what Sheila Westera thought when creating rings where the stones are surrounded by her style loops ,some time ago. She is the only ring in the series with an added edge, because firstly her loops are tighter than most loop jewellery, and by adding blackened silver, it makes her more edgy, basically less sweet.. To create a candy like and cute ring, was her wish, when adding the black, her vibe changed slightly.. but nevertheless beautiful. To understand how she works, this is the kind of freedom that she allows herself, and why she is able to express herself and this is why her Conversation Pieces Collection is so uniquely interesting. She wants her rings to be either a pure forms, well, seen in her way, or by adding a variety of styles, by using different techniques and shapes, a variety in sizes and structures, and sometimes she wants to ads more stones, thus creating her different series. Growing up within the world of jewellery, through close family, and by working in the fine jewellery field, as well during her studies, it all the more made her want to see more fun in jewels. So, today all her jewels come with a personality, and charm, she keeps on adding artworks to exciting series and she keeps on creating new items, like her recent series of stone earrings, which are based on sweets too! Well, in fact based on doiley's, you know the kind of white paper, cotton or linen cuties that are placed under sweets and savouries? That's the kind of fun that Sheila loves for most of her jewels, to have that bit of added extra. 

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces 
  • Series: Treats
  • Setting: -Tighter- Treats
  • Stones: irregular polished pink aventurine
  • Material: Blackened silver and 14 krt yellow gold filled
  • Ring Size: mm 18+   |   US 8   |   UK Q   |   FR 56  3/4
  • Weight: 32 gram

This beautiful ring is a one-of-a-kind jewel that has been personally designed and created by Sheila Westera. As a jewellery artist, Sheila's passion is to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Due to their uniqueness, each ring is created only in the size listed. Sheila can occasionally amend the size of the ring, the final decision can however only be made on an individual basis.

Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding this item or if you would like any information on how Sheila Westera can create a unique piece specially for you. We would love to discuss the option of a custom design and give you the option to choose from Sheila's collection of semi-precious stones, gemstones, pearls, plus your own choice of material; 14k yellow gold-filled wire, 14k rose gold-filled wire, 18k gold or sterling silver. 

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  • £865.00 GBP