Sparkle Time

Introducing "Sparkle Time". We all love to sparkle, some more than others and it simply what makes life extra special, and not just only at the festive season! To sparkle can be a life style, and it's all about honouring yourself in the end! This large two finger design ring, was created by Sheila Westera with the Swedish influencer Fredrik Robertsson in mind, as after their exchange and proposal of a few designs, Fredrik chose the blackened silver ring 'Hot Stuff', a powerful statement ring in an unusual sculpted black silver pointed shape with a variety of pearls (see both of them in the photo slide). It's only now that Sheila decided to put up the most sparkly design up on her webshop! The stone and pearl ring, is a kind of a knuckle ring, cool and exciting and set with a large creme coloured baroque pearl, in the embrace technique, whereas the black faceted and elongated oval onyx stone, is set in blackened silver in the possessions technique, and last but not least, she added the lab grown sparkly pink darling in an emerald cut, to spice up this design even more. The techniques that she is using, are all her own inventions, as each of her work firstly starts by using a style and techniques that is hers and hers alone. So, when you decided on some sparkle you should give it all, for a s long as it stays elegant and marvellous, and in short this  is what Sheila's overall signature style is all about! 

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Technique: Embrace and Possessions combined
  • Style: one-of-a-kind 
  • Stone: Baroque pearl, faceted onyx, faceted lab created pink sapphire
  • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled, blackened silver
  • Ring Size: large size hand | there is a possibility for Sheila to adapt it, to your hand size

Unique Statement Jewels by Sheila Westera. This is an exclusive creation by Sheila Westera, who is a renowned Jewellery Artist dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind jewellery and the uniqueness of each jewel produced, solely comes in this specified design and ring size. While Sheila can occasionally adjust the ring's size, such decisions are subject to individual considerations. 

Discover the Possibilities. Should you seek more information about this piece or wish to explore Sheila Westera's ability to design a personalised jewel for you, we encourage you to reach out. Customised. With the opportunity to commission a custom design created in either Yellow or Rose 14 krt Gold-Filled, a high Quality Shiny or Blackened Silver or if you prefer it in 18 kt Gold, set with a stone that speaks to you, Sheila is open to discuss the potential of creating your very own original Statement piece or Cocktail ring with the choice of an array of semi-precious stones, gemstones, pearls, and more. Start Your Journey. Get in touch and contact us if you like to own an original creation by Sheila Westera. Your vision awaits exploration.


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  • £1,563.00