Introducing "Shira" - Another Sheila Westera Original! She is the epitome of elegance and of a vibrant colour. Individual created by Sheila, and this mesmerising malachite stone ring, is nothing short of breathtaking, even in her medium sizes design she is captivating. Her unique Design, is Sheila's signature style, as her rings and jewels are made differently than most jewels, and it's with a reason. She is always on the look-out for herself to find unusual designs. When she started creating jewels, it had to be with the same passion. She loves to emphasise individuality, and it comes natural to her. Every piece in the Conversation Pieces Collection is a one-of-a-kind creation, reflecting its own distinctive personality and the rich malachite colour of ring 'Shira" is stunning, and will leave an unforgettable impression, especially because of the beautiful drawings, in this medium sized design, which ensures effortless wearability. She has an organic feel, with a minimal approach, just with more character.. The stone has a soft glossy surface, and she is a jewel that feels soft to the touch and striking to the eye.. This colourful statement jewel, is a conversation starter, only she is finer then most or her rings, and this timeless treasure will be cherished for many years to come, let her unique charm adorn your life!

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Setting: Embrace
  • Series: Pure
  • Gemstone: Polished Malachite
  • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled
  • Ring Size:  mm 18+  |  US  8  |  UK Q   |  FR  56 3/4
  • Measurement: This ring sits 4.2 cm across the top of the hand, and raises upwards 0.9 cm
  • Weight: 24 gram

This distinctive statement ring is a one-off jewel, personally created by Sheila Westera. As a jewellery artist, Sheila’s passion is to only create one-of-a-kind pieces. Due to its uniqueness, each ring is created only in the size listed. Sometimes, Sheila can amend the size of the ring. However, the final decision can only be made on an individual basis.

Please contact us for any more details you may require on this piece, or if you want any information on how Sheila Westera can create a unique jewel for you. Sheila would love to discuss the possibilities of getting you your own original statement piece or cocktail ring by Sheila Westera. You can commission a custom design and choose from her collection of semi-precious stones, gemstones, pearls, and more. You can even choose the material of your choice: yellow or rose 14 krt gold-filled, 18 krt gold or sterling silver.

Size Guide

  • £1,188.00