Play Time!

‘Play Time!’... Is a colourful, beautiful and extra ordinary Statement Cuff. Her fascination for stones, made her to create this unique stone cluster cuff. Being surrounded by stones, she often 'plays' with stones, and the colours, and shapes make her lean towards creation a ring, a  necklace or something very different, namely a pearls and stone cuff. Her 'Play Time" cuff, time, had to include a beautiful Vintage sourced, large Hand carved Mediterranean Coral, and pearls had to be added to give her that extra jewel like vibe. She only wanted to use just a few colours, that had to be perfect together, and the white pearls, a perfect orange coral, a purple Amethyst, and a green Malachite, were put into this intricate, and delicately cushioned design with a modern touch, reminiscent of vintage jewels... maybe? Sheila never works from examples, when she creates, she only uses her own imagination. Her style, is edgy and elegant, something that comes naturally to her and 'Play Time', is a playful and distinctive bracelet, a true one-of-a-kind sculptured piece of jewellery.

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Series: Heirloom
  • Stones/Gemstones: hand-carved vintage Mediterranean Coral, a malachite, an amethyst a smaller and a larger sweet water pearls
  • Metal: 14k yellow gold-filled 
  • Measurements: The cuff sits between 17 to 19 cm around your wrist. The orb which contains the stones measures 5.3 by 4.5 cm, and it raises upwards by 2 cm at it highest. 
  • You can contact Sheila to discuss your wrist size, as she might be able to adjust this cuff to fit you perfectly.

This is a distinctive One-of-a-Kind Design, an exclusive contemporary piece of Jewellery, personally created by Jewellery Artist Sheila Westera, currently designing at her studio in Switzerland

Each statement Jewel by Sheila Westera is due to its uniqueness, created only in the size listed. 

Please contact us for any more details you may require on this piece or any information on how Sheila Westera can create a jewel for you. You can Commission a Custom Design by selecting a Gemstone, or a Pearl from her collection for example, or more.. and choose the metal of Your Choice. Sheila loves to discuss the possibilities to get you your Sheila Westera Bespoke Design


  • £1,995.00 GBP