Physical Facts

‘Physical Facts’...  This large necklace is spectaculair! The two shapes are set with energetic raw stones, emerging straight from a rock, to make this piece as raw as possible, also because of Sheila's signature style that's quite organic, as she flows along with her daily moods in the way she designs and creates something more open or a lot finer in het self invented techniques. Physical facts necklace is quite raw, giving this in principle glamorous piece a lot of personality. Uniquely by he making her a one-of-a-kind treasure, that can be worn at different lengths, making her versatile as well. 

  • Conversation Pieces
  • Series: Fascination
  • Stones: light raw amethyst and brown quartz
  • Metal: 14k yellow gold-filled 
  • Measurements: this necklace can be worn on different lengths, 57 cm at the shortest length, and 64 cm at its longest
  • Weight: 101 gram

This is a one-off jewel. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

  • £1,575.00