• Broken Pieces 1
  • Broken Pieces 1
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Broken Pieces 1

"Broken Pieces 1" ... is made with a broken piece of porcelain. She is part of a series of rings under the same name. This particular piece is the bottom of a small porcelain milk jug, that carried memories for Sheila.

With this series, she likes to emphasise that we live in a throw-away society... Why replace something soon after it is broken? There is beauty in many things. Look at the special way in which the Japanese people deal with Broken Porcelain or Earthenware. They came up with Kintsugi, a Japanese method for repairing broken bowls. The philosophy behind the technique is to recognize the history of the object and to visibly incorporate the repair into the new piece instead of disguising it. I love deeper layers of things, and here is my own take on it. 

  • Collection: Arty Scenes
  • Stone: Porcelain
  • Material: 14k rose Gold-Filled
  • Size:  mm  00.00  |  US  0 0/0  |  UK  A 0/0  |  FR  00
  • Measurement:

This distinctive Statement Ring is a one-off jewel. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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