Sheila Westera: True One of a Kind Jewellery with Character

In this online treasure shop, you will find one-of-a-kind jewellery by Sheila Westera London, who's passion it is to create individual jewellery to attract more people that like to distinguish themselves from the crowd, simply because the world needs more individual, fabulous, and empowered  women and other people in it! As a jewellery artist, she is using her self invented techniques, to create her fabulous individual and characterful jewels. She works in 14 kt yellow or rose gold-filled, the highest quality silver and on assignment she creates a jewel in 18 or 22 kt gold for you. Her technique is patented and they are only used in this way by Sheila Westera London. 

Sheila's main collection, comes with a wide range of astonishing, incredible, quirky or more minimal style jewellery designs, each piece made by and invented by her. 

STONE JEWELLERY can be found in her Conversation Pieces collection, where the beautiful symbiosis between a stone and a setting results into a different design each time, that stone is passing through her hands and her head. The stones vary from a pebble to a sapphire, to being polished, from raw & pure, to finely faceted, each becoming an individual and significant treasure that she is after, by using a variety of unique and amazing self invented settings.

LIGHT WEIGHT EARRINGS were invented by Sheila Westera out of a personal need for light weight earrings, while travelling. The Purely Wired jewel collection, is not extended with scribble or knot like rings, and each individual created work is made and created by her too. 

WEARABLE ART In the Arty Scenes collection, you will find her more activistic side, her perceptions expressed, form social criticism to nurturing the beauty of out planet.