Sheila Westera at the Kempinski Hotel, Engelberg

SHEILA WESTERA, is a jewellery artist who currently works in Engelberg, Switzerland.

Are you Interested in her work? Sheila can meet you here at the Kempinski Palace in Engelberg and show you more. 

For SALES of INFO Contact Sheila by mail or by private message: 0044 7717 538 534

You can purchase via the LINKS, after where your jewellery can be delivered to the hotel or to your home address.


Necklace SCHMUCK

"Schmuck" ... is a colourful and an exceptionally unique necklace, set with four stones, each having their own impact on her design. Sheila Westera used her own possessions technique to organically sculpture and form this jewel, creating a colourful and outstanding design. The orangy-red tones come from a raw vintage Mediterranean Coral. The red coral is amazing and rare, and set next to a simpler Polished Onyx, whereas the matt Cubic Black stone is giving her an interesting edge, and the beautiful lighter colour green, comes from a faceted Chrysoprase, which is placed underneath this wonderful cluster of stones and the special stick chain necklace, was created by Sheila to refine the whole design. A truly eye-catching, interesting, intricate, jewel, made in a perfect size and the combination of colours are mesmerising. This one-of-a-kind, individual created treasure is created in her possessions technique, invented by her, which makes all her work stand out from the crowd in style, look and feel. 

  • Conversation Pieces
  • Style: One-of-a-kind Necklace
  • Stones/Gemstones: Raw Mediterranean Coral, a matt Black Stone, a polished Onyx, and a faceted Chrysoprase
  • Metal: 14k yellow gold-filled
  • Measurements: she is versatile in length, and approximately 59 cm and on the shortest length she is 53 cm
  • Weight: 52 gram
  • CHF 1,495.00


"Odile" ... is graceful and created around a radiant green and Sheila Westera has used two deep burgundy garnets on each side of this exciting stone, to give this design extra warmth and depth. Colourful, soft sparkly and an elegant addition to her Royal Delight series. An elegant Cocktail ring with their own personality and this one-of-a-kind beauty, is truly charming and gorgeous, in colour and design. She is fine, and slightly higher than most of her rings. The irresistible colour combination, makes her a lust for to eye. The beautiful translucent, and light green Chrysoprase is something else, and she will add the ultimate power to any outfit that need to be spiced up. A stylish jewel that you would like to wear often, as she also will spark a conversation, sometimes.

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Series: Royal Delight
  • Stones: Faceted Chrysoprase and Garnet
  • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled 
  • Ring Size:   mm 17    |    US   6  1/2    |    UK N    |     FR  52  3/4
  • Measurements: this ring sits 3.5 cm across your fingers, and raises upwards 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 21 gram
  • CHF 1,099.00

Ring CECE 

"Cece" ... is the smallest ring that Sheila created for her Conversation Pieces Collection. This lovely rosy-red cabochon korund, which is the base of sapphire and ruby, which is making her a hard stone to wear, and she comes with an interesting cloud, because inclusions form the signature to any stone, just as Sheila's work does, by using her own invented techniques. This gracefully created ring is by Sheila Westera in 14 kt rose gold filled and the pure style in which she is designed, forms the base of  her collection, although most rings are larger. It is only very rarely that she creates a smaller ring, just because se believes in the power of a statement! Because, why otherwise would you wear jewels, when they are not making any impact, jewels are part of your personality and it's better to stand out form the crowd, is Sheila's motto. Cece, is still powerful, due to her sweet rosy oval cabochon cut stone, that sits into a 14 kt rose gold filled design. She is not too sweet, due to the interesting natural coloured stone, and easy to wear with other rings if you like, giving extra power to the designs that you already own. 

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Series: Pure
  • Stones: cabochon cut Korund
  • Material: 14k rose gold-filled
  • Ring Size:   mm ..    |    US   ...    |    UK ..    |     FR  ..
  • Measurements: this ring sits 1.5 cm across your fingers, and raises upwards 0.9 cm
  • Weight: ... gram
  • CHF 750




"Faith" ... sweet elegance with a quirky twist! A beautiful, light pink Peruvian Opal is set in an intricate web of rose gold-filled wire, in Sheila's distinctive Possessions technique. The ring is one-of-a-kind, combining the sweet tones of rose gold and pink, with the edginess of the woven wire structure... "Faith" is one of Sheila's statement rings that are perfect for adding some edge and colour to your look.

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Setting: Possessions
  • Stone: Peruvian Opal
  • Material: 14k rose gold-filled wire  
  • Ring Size: mm 16 + |  US 5  3/4  |  UK L 1/2  | FR 51
  • Measurements: This ring sits 4 cm across the top of the hand, and raises upwards 1.5 cm
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • CHF 1075.00


"Sanna" might be seen as slightly more classic. This one-of-a-kind stone ring is created around warm luscious colours, as the deep terracotta red, and beautifully faceted Carnelian, is set into rose gold. She is far more than just a classic ring, she is more edgy, and comes with her own unique character. Sheila's, jewel style is based around her self invented technique where for example the 'possessions' style setting, is created around this beautifully faceted and natural stone. You could say that she is a one-of-a-kind stone ring with a twist, as she is almost classic from a distance, and a lot more interesting when you examine her from up-close. The Conversation Pieces collection, only holds unique rings created by Sheila, and ring Sanna, with her soft glistening facets, is elegant, and her auburn hues give her a super chique flair, combine this with the unique finish from its individually created setting and design, is making her into a true treasure and the kind of ring that will be much adored by its wearer. 

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Setting: Possessions
  • Stone: Faceted Carnelian
  • Materials: 14k rose gold-filled wire
  • Ring Size: mm 18    |    US  7  3/4    |     UK P  1/2    |     FR  56
  • Measurements: 4.7 cm across your hand, and raises up 1.8 cm
  • Weight: 33 gram
  • CHF 1115



"Lulu" ... I spy, I spy, with my Tiger's Eye... rays of exciting golden hues! This wonderful stone is set into a jewel that is especially created for her, and all this cocktail ring needs is simply to be admired! Sheila created Lulu ring out of a love of stones, and Tiger-eye stones always seem to amaze her. This so called pure style ring, is created by her for the collection of Conversation Pieces, which holds only unique rings, well they are really unique, in the sense of true one-of-a-kind treasures. She is pretty awesome and delightful versatile, because of her shades of gold, she will fit in with everything. The elongated oval stone is carefully set into a web of 14k gold-filled, a structure that is organically formed by her hands, in her own patented Possessions technique, which holds the stone safely, with her intricate and beautiful design. She radiates, and therefore she will be your next favourite, because of her elegance and cool look. It's good to know that she is a medium sized -within Sheila's style- ring. 

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Series: pure
  • Setting: Possessions
  • Gemstone: Tiger's Eye
  • Material: 14k Yellow Gold-Filled 
  • Ring Size:  mm  19   |   US  9    |    UK  R  1/2   |   FR  59  1/4
  • Measurement: this ring sits 4.7 cm wide on your hand, and raises up 2 cm.
  • Weight: 37 gram
  • CHF 1,260.00




"Alessia"... is a natural yellow beauty with an abstract vibe! Sheila Westera, found this lovely square shape in an amazing bright yellow, and wanted to create a podium for it, and the beautiful organically created nest in where she sits, is done in a technique that was invented by her. Intricately woven, by following the shapes of the mineral, always following her flow. When she sees or studies something that she wants to capture, into a jewel, may it be a stone, a pearl or a mineral, she envision its outcome. She doesn't draw her designs, they come and go according her moods, and this ensures the individuality of each of her designs. We like that she sits somewhat higher on your hand. By using the 14 kt yellow gold-filled as the base of this yellow amber, makes that the two yellows are wonderful together and very much  in harmony. This glorious, bright and sunny cocktail ring, will cheer up any room, as she is the icing on a cake, not too much in your face, just quite unique in style for her Conversation Pieces Collection. 

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces 
  • Setting: Possessions
  • Stones: natural yellow opaque Baltic amber
  • Material: 14 krt gold filled
  • Ring Size: mm 18    |   US 8  1/4    |   UK P  1/2   |   FR 56 
  • Measurements: This ring site 3.4 cm wide across your hands, and raises 2.9 cm upwards
  • Weight: 20 gram
    • CHF 1,215.00

    Ring DIONNEE


    "Dionnee"... is simply wonderful! She is set with a wonderful natural salmon coloured colour coral, that Sheila has found in an antique shop from the time that she lived in Rome. Sheila only works with vintage or sustainable coral for so many reasons.. She is always on the look-out for something unique, which could be a special colour, a shape or something that's rare, while browsing special stone collections, or visiting professional stone shops on her trips. She is elegantly delicious, a truly charming jewel, which looks different. Sheila gave her something extra, and the bar that is holds this stone into place, also adds a special character to this ring, and furthermore the coral is set into her totally unique possessions technique, which she invented years ago. 

    • Collection: Conversation Pieces
    • Series: Pure x
    • Setting: Possessions
    • Stone: vintage natural salmon coral
    • Material: 14k Yellow Filled 
    • Ring Size: mm  18   |  US 8  1/4    |   UK P  1/2   |   FR 56 
    • Measurements: This ring sits 3.2 cm across your fingers, and raises upwards 2.3 cm
    • Weight: 25 gram
    • CHF 1,140



    Ring DAMIANE


    ‘Damiane’... is a unique and somewhat classic beauty, created in black and gold by Sheila Westera. Set with a beautiful black stone, that holds a wonderful white drawing, and this stone is also known as a sardonyx, each with their own character. Stylish and chique, and designed in an unusual way, Sheila's signature style, that makes her work stand out form the crowd. Her stone jewels are part of her Conversation Pieces Collection, all individually created by her, and each one-of-a-kind jewel, comes with their own unique personality. The faceted stone is set into the embrace setting, something that makes pat of her four different base settings in her work and this style is soft to the touch, and look that appears to be kind of minimal. Black and 14 kt yellow gold-filled, is perfect and set with such a beautiful stone, she will become your favourite ring, and perfect for any stylish party or engagement.

    • Collection: Conversation Pieces
    • Series: Pure
    • Setting: Embrace
    • Stone: faceted black sardonyx
    • Material: 14k Yellow Filled 
    • Ring Size: mm  .   |  US     |   UK    |   FR  
    • Measurements: This ring sits .. cm across the hand, she is  cm wide, and raises upwards .. cm
    • Weight: .. gram
    • CHF 1,175

    Ring CALYPSO

    "Calypso"... is she a pearl ring or is she an onyx ring? Well, she is both. Black and white are the ultimate classic combination, and it makes pearls look very cool. Black is always a strong statement, and pearls are quite feminine -although pearls are worn by men more often today, which is admirable-. This stylish cocktail ring has a minimal feel to her, just with lots of added character. Created by Sheila Westera, makes her powerful, as this is what she always tries to aim for in her work. A Cocktail ring that can be worn at all times and with anything. Charming, radiating through her pearl luster. 

    • Collection: Conversation Pieces
    • Setting: Embrace
    • Gemstone: onyx and a baroque pearl
    • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled
    • Ring Size:  mm 20   |   US  10   |   UK T  1/2 |   FR  61 3/4 -Sheila can adapt her ring size to a smaller size on request.
    • Measurement: This ring sits 3.9 cm across the top of the hand, and raises upwards 1.7 cm
    • Weight: 34 gram
    • CHF 1,375



    Ring DEW

    "Dew"... is just perfect! A raw stone ring with a cool elongated oval shape. Sheila Westera, loves calcedony, which comes in many forms and nuances. Blue calcedony is just mesmerising to her, wether it comes in this wonderful light blue variety, or a blue lace calcedony and that faded jeans colour, all can be seen in her collection. Her collection of stones from her workshop, inspires her each time to create more individual shaped and formed jewels by her hands, which are added to her in the meantime extensive Conversation Pieces Collection. For Dew ring she's chosen to use this perfect lighter colour stone, set into her Embrace setting, as it gives her a relatively finer appearance. Her  setting design, is soft to the touch and easy to wear. Sheila wants to give each of her jewels, a certain edge, just to remind herself why she started to create jewels in the first place, to be able to create 'something that you haven't seen before'. Her signature style is prominent in all of her work, always in a different way, or at least created around a different stone. Dew, is a one-of-a-kind charming beauty that stands out, and she is not too large and certainly not too small, these are the perfect ingredients for a ring that can be worn often.

    • Collection: Conversation Pieces
    • Setting: Embrace
    • Series: Pure
    • Gemstone: raw Chalcedony
    • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled
    • Ring Size:  mm 17  3/4  |  US  7  1/2   |  UK  P   |  FR  55  1/4
    • Measurement: This ring sits 5.2 cm across the top of the hand, and raises upwards 1.4 cm
    • Weight: 25 gram
    • CHF 1.150

    Necklace MARGE

    "Marge"... is the ultimate cool and classic necklace, one that is easy to wear, only in style she is far from being average, because her pointy black onyx, and her clear faceted rock-crystal, will be always be beautiful, and if this wasn't enough, there is a small white pearl set on top of the onyx, which is making all the difference. Charming, yet cool and feisty is what you could say about her, sparkling and catching light as you move, hanging form her solid and unique fine necklace. The two man stones are set into her signature style design, and the intricate web of wire is a technique that's invented by her. 

    • Collection: Conversation Pieces
    • Setting: Possessions
    • Stones: Rock crystal and black onyx
    • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled
    • Measurements
    • Weight:
    • CHF 995 



    Ring CLEO

    "Cleo".... Because Sheila Westera loves the unexpected in her jewels, she wants each of her one-of-a-kind pieces to have their own personality, and so the Conversation Pieces Collection, was born. Cleo comes with a lot of character, and due to her feisty appearance, she might not be the easiest ring to wear, being designed around a pointed stone. Often Sheila doesn't feel the need to create jewels that are just cute and wearable, as she always goes for a feeling that triggers her when she creates, driven by her mood of the day. This ring simply had to be more feisty, and we think that she is elegant as well, because of her wonderful sparkly rock-crystal, and this duality makes her an exciting ring. She is the perfect companion for a feisty personally or to spice up that more minimal ballgown to stand out form the crowd in the most perfect way. 

    • Collection: Conversation Pieces
    • Setting: Possessions
    • Stones: Rock crystal and black onyx
    • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled
    • Ring Size: mm  18  3/4  |  US  8  1/2  |  UK Q  1/2  |  FR 58
    • Measurements: The ring measures 6.1 cm across your fingers and measures 2.8 cm upwards
    • Weight: 33 gram
    • CHF 1,031