Sheila Westera at the Kempinski Hotel, Engelberg

One-of-a-Kind Jewels by Jewellery Artist SHEILA WESTERA, who currently works at her studio in Engelberg, Switzerland.
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This is a larger and ravishing large malachite Cocktail ring! A feisty and colourful one-of-a-kind green stone and beautiful ring, which sits lower on your hand, making her quite the statement, and an elegant one too! Sheila Westera, wanted to set this large and wonderful piece of malachite in a more pure way, by using her finer Embrace technique, which is also making her soft to the touch. This amazing green stone jewel is another unique addition to Sheila Westera's Conversation Pieces Collection, where you will find more unique rings created by her. Ring Reese, is a true one-off jewel, just like each piece within her collections, and it is of upmost importance to her, to only create totally unique jewellery, and this does not only includes the stone, it does for its style and design too, which is ensuring the absolute uniqueness of each work coming from her hands. Ring 'Reese' is different because of her more rectangular style, which is partly covering your fingers, and it makes her a ring with a great impact in the most fabulous way that you could think of. 

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Setting: Embrace
  • Gemstone: Polished Malachite
  • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled
  • Ring Size:  mm 19 1/4  |  US  9 1/4  |  UK  S   |  FR  60
  • Measurement: This ring sits 6 cm across the top of the hand, and raises upwards 1.2 cm
  • Weight: 32 gram
  • CHF 1,256.00

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A purple Cocktail ring treasure! This classy purple beauty, truly radiates on your hand, because of her wonderful faceted Amethyst, set into yellow gold within her unique soft-to-the-touch style. This particular style of setting is more minimal, named the embrace setting, and for ring Genevieve specifically, Sheila wanted to create a wider embrace setting. Sheila feels a stone before she starts to create her jewels, and she instantly knows in which direction that stone is taking her. Each of her jewels needs to have a specific edge or style to them, even when she creates a pure style jewel, which is simply about a stone and its setting, of course with the ultimate goal to create a unique one-off jewel, as each of her wonderful pieces must have their own personality. This super elegant, charming and cool Cocktail jewel, is a wonderful addition to her Conversation Pieces Collection, filled with unique jewels. Genevieve definitely stands out as one of the most beautiful rings in her collection.

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Setting: Embrace
  • Gemstones: faceted round amethyst / great quality
  • Material: 14k Yellow Gold-Filled Wire
  • Size:  mm  18  3/4   |    US  8  1/2+   |   UK  Q  1/2+   |   FR  58+
  • Measurement: This ring sits 3.8 cm across the top of the hand, and raises upwards 2 cm at its highest. 
  • Weight: 39 gram
  • CHF 1,354.00

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Necklace WENDE

This colourful Necklace is an amazing jewel, a cluster of stones with a pure appearance. The beautiful raw stones are selected by Sheila Westera, and they are perfectly balanced in cool colours. She is a spectacle of colours, and never overwhelming. This stunningly elegant choker, with nuances in blues, aquas, and purples has a tremendously important feel. All the natural stones that are used are raw, just as they come in nature, the electric blue Azurite, the natural aqua-coloured Amazonite, the warming purple amethyst are catchy, and the soft glacier blue Chrysocolla, and the cool ice blue selenite are in perfect harmony with each other. The stones are intricately and individually woven into a strong design, in Sheila's own technique. This signature style is recognised by Jewellery experts, who've told her that her designs and techniques are unique, and never seen before! And yes, because she invented it! This short necklace or choker in a stiff style is a Cocktail Jewel, second to none. 
  • Conversation Pieces
  • Series: pure
  • Style: Necklace
  • Stones/Gemstones: raw Azurite, Chrysocolla, Amazonite, Amethyst and Selenite 
  • Metal: 14k yellow gold-filled
  • Measurements: 43 cm length    |   The stone cluster is 10 cm wide. 
  • Weight: 86 gram
  • CHF 2,195.00

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This jewel or Cocktail statement has it all! She is bold, and relatively light for her size, as a true one-off, she is set with an awesome cognac coloured Baltic Amber. A forever jewel that will fit in with anything, because the warm amber tones will never bore you. For this alluring treasure, Sheila Westera used her conscious style technique, a self invented style that she has been perfecting over years. When she creates a pure style ring -pure/ minimal her way- she wants the stone or mineral, to be a unique design too, as it needs to be a lot more interesting as a jewel. The special way in which she works, is what is giving her jewels the extra depth and personality she is known for, her signature style can be found in her truly unique designs, her own techniques, and the fact that each jewels is a one-of-a-kind piece, and her Conversation Pieces Collection is proof of this. Her passion and interest in the natural world, organic forms, is what gives her work that special edge, combined with their glamorous appearance and unique finish. This is a larger ring and an exciting Cocktail jewell, which is sitting higher on your hand, due to the large piece of deliciously sirupy complex amber colour. Her overall design is wonderful and mesmerising. 

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces 
  • Series: Pure
  • Setting: Conscious
  • Stones: natural cognac coloured Baltic Amber
  • Material: 14 krt gold filled
  • Measurement: she sits 5 cm wide across your fingers, with a 2.5 cm height
  • Ring Size: mm 18 1/4 |  US..  |  UK..  |  FR ..
  • Weight: 49 gram
  • CHF 1,305

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Ring SUKI 

Pure style, a black beauty of a ring, in the most glamorous and personal style you could imagine. The intricate web of rose gold wire, is holding the deep black pear shaped stone. The wonderful faceted drop shape shimmers, catching rays of light, wether in sunlight or at candle light. This ultra chique and pure style Cocktail ring, is uniquely created by Sheila Westera and she's chosen one of her self invented techniques for this particular ring design. This style of setting was named Possessions, because it is related to her first ever rings that she created for herself, to finally be able to wear the stones that she had been collection for years, which finally led her to name her collection of stone jewels Conversation Pieces. Possessions is one of the techniques, invented by her, and it resembles a beautiful woven mesh of wire, sparkly and glamorous.

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Series:
  • Setting: Possessions
  • Gemstone: Drop-shaped Onyx, faceted
  • Metal: 14kt Rose Gold-Filled 
  • Measurements: 4 cm across your fingers, with a 1.8 cm height
  • Ring Size:  mm  18  |  US  7 3/4  |  UK  P 1/2  |  FR  56
  • Weight: 21 gram
  • CHF 1,207.00

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This is the most wonderful and unique blue-stone ring amongst Sheila Westera's jewels. She is a huge fan of blue, and the proof can be found in her packaging, which is a midnight blue colour and depicting the midnight sky. Blue has triggered her all her life, and a Lapis Lazuli stone is the first jewels that she wore herself. This Lapis stone jewel is simply magical, the amazing extra blue colour, in a large Navette shape, which is quite unusual, and why it needed a unique approach. The Possessions setting in yellow gold, should be the right choice for this pure beauty, in creating a pure style but amazingly exclusive ring. Shea is an eye-catching cocktail ring, and part of her already unique Conversation Pieces collection. The wonderful size on your hand is great and the mesmerising stone will make you fall in love with her over an dover again.

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Series: pure
  • Setting: Possessions
  • Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli, navette shaped faceted 
  • Material: 14k Yellow Gold-Filled
  • Ring Size:  mm 19  1/2    |    US   9  1/2    |    UK  S  1/2    |    FR  60  3/4
  • Weight: 19 gram
  • CHF 1,272

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A raw glamour purple Cocktail beauty! The most amazing style ring featuring a raw amethyst and this elegant and unusual feisty cocktail ring made by Sheila Westera for her Conversation Pieces collection. A true one-of-a-kind statement, featured around a raw stone set into a super exclusive style ring design. The oval cluster of amethyst crystals, sits high up on your hand, resting into a unique and intricately woven nest. The technique itself is a self invented design by Sheila, which originated years ago and she named it Crucial. Purple and gold surely is an ultimate classic combination, as purple has that unusual quality of being seen as an equally warm tone as an equally cold tone, all has to do with whatever colours she is combined. "Basia" elevates a seemingly easy stone, into a complex jewel, that will spark a conversation. She is sophisticated, stunning, bold, and unusual, she is a ring for the ones that dare to wear!

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Setting: Crucial
  • Stone: Raw amethyst cluster
  • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled wire 
  • Ring Size: mm 16.9  |  US  6 1/2  |  UK N  |  FR 52 3/4
  • Measurements: This ring measures 4.7 cm across your hand, and she raises 2.9 cm upwards
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • CHF 1,276

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    Crystal clear! How beautiful is beautiful? This wonderful ring with a minimal vibe is created by Sheila Westera in one of her self invented techniques. She loves, well needs originality in her life and in her designs. When she started to create her jewels, she wanted to be original, after having worked in the fine jewellery and diamond field for years, next to studying art and architecture. Being confronted with luxury products and not always with originality made her wonder.. and when she wanted to create her own jewels years later, it had to be with the passion of searching for originality. Her intricate or unusual structures and designs always derive direct from her soul, and this Rock Crystal ring from the Dreamer series, is another totally unique style invented by her. She wanted for the stones to be able to float, just like the feeling she had when revisiting her dreams. In her Conversation Pieces collection you can find a few more examples in the same style, although each ring comes with their own personality, and one-of-a-kind ring Potential certainly does. 

    • Collection: Conversation Pieces
    • Setting: Dreamer
    • Stone: Rock Crystal, faceted
    • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled wire  
    • Ring Size:  mm  17.5  |  UK  O  1/2  |  US  7  1/4  |  FR  54  5/8 -this ring cannot be sized-
    • Measurements: it sits 2.6 cm across the top of the hand, and raises upwards 2.3 cm
    • Weight: 22 gram
    • CHF 1,161.00

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    Necklace MOTLEY

    This is it! A necklace with raw stones with an Ultimate WoW factor! This timeless piece has a pure vibe, and the raw stones are set beautifully together, keeping space in-between to be able to enjoy each and every one of them. Some are set into yellow gold, some in rose gold and some are set into blackened silver. This is typical Sheila Westera's style in feel and vibe, only of necklace Motley there is only one. Pure is the best, firstly for its natural energy and vibe, and secondly because when she uses raw stones, she is ultimately inspired to create her well balanced treasures. She has a deep need for originality, and this is what makes her one-of-a-kind jewels truly stand out from the rest. This neckpiece is from her hands, as her Conversation Pieces Collection, only has jewels in them created by her, because she so much loves the process of making. The short choker, or collar radiates and this colourful beauty, feels natural and at the same makes you feel amazing! Chique and edgy, is how we like to describe her at her best. 

    • Conversation Pieces
    • Style: Necklace
    • Setting: Possessions
    • Stones/Gemstones: raw light coloured Amethyst, raw purple amethyst, raw Rhodochrosite, raw Tangerine quartz, 
    • Metal: 14k yellow and rose gold-filled wire and blackened silver
    • Measurements: This necklace sits tight around your neck at 38 cm length, however Sheila can enlarge it by some cm, by adding a few extra links. 
    • Weight: 89 gram
    • CHF 2,339

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    Ring MASUMI

    Magnificent and strong, this is an absolute fabulous ring from Sheila Westera. Words are not enough to describe this large blister pearl ring, set into an intricate web of blackened wire. The ring band itself is made of yellow gold, which is almost like a luxurious and secret contrast to what you see at first sight, and Sheila loves this kind of thing. She very much loves contrasts in her work and is always looking for tension, a well balanced design and on the look out for something interesting, that magic that triggers her when she creates. Her inspiration comes form deep within, combined with her passion for originality and this stunner had to be black and white!   The large oval shape, is exciting, and was especially created around this unique pearl form. This one-of-a-kind jewel, statement ring or Cocktail piece, is truly unique, can not be replicated, at least not by her.. ;) Only because she wants her work to be unique, to ensure an absolute originality and her clients already know this. It is one if the best rings that she has made, at least that is what she's told me. 

    • Collection: Conversation Pieces 
    • Setting: Possessions
    • Stone: Baroque blister pearl
    • Material: Blackend silver, combined with 14k yellow gold-filled  
    • Size: mm 17.3  |   US 7  |   UK O   |   FR 54
    • Measurements: This rings sits 6 cm across your hand, is 3.7 cm wide and raises up form your hand 1.5 cm
    • Weight: 34 gram
    • CHF 1,259.00

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      Ring LICINIA


      Isn't she just totally ravissant? Yes, this exceptional classy ring from our new series is named 'Marvellous'. Sheila felt the need to create a few bold statement rings that were slightly lighter and Licinia ring specifically is all about yellow gold and all shades of cool blue. This handsome beauty for Sheila Westera's Conversation Pieces Collection is round, large and spectacular. Three stones in blue, and their different shades, ranging from an icy blue calcedony, in a faceted drop shape, a medium blue in a blue kyanite, in a square form, and the darkest blue being a lapis lazuli in a flat drop shape. These lovely stones are set into Sheila's self invented possessions technique, and the orb shape in which they house is beautiful organically created by her hands. A jewel that will turn heads, will raise some conversations, and will be remembered by passers by as a true original. A treasure beyond trends, and fashion statements. 

      • Collection: Conversation Pieces
      • Series: Marvellous
      • Setting: Possessions
      • Gemstones: three stones: a square blue kyanite, a flat drop lapis lazuli and a faceted drop shaped calcedony
      • Metal: 14k Yellow Gold-Filled
      • Ring size:  mm  17  3/4   |    US   7  1/2 |   UK   P   |    FR  55  1/4
      • Measurement: this ring sits 4.4 cm across your hand, and raises up 1.8 cm
      • Weight: 24 gram
      • CHF 1,665.00

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      Ring POISON


      This yellow stone characterful ring is timeless and elegant. Soft and rough combined, which is one of Sheila's favourite things! As a collector of raw stones for years, she is always looking for a certain tension in her one-of-a-kind designs, and actually it comes naturally, being inspired by nature or whatever she feels inspired by, and mostly it comes from deep within. Driven by originality, and not by average is her true passion, for when you are wearing jewellery makes it special is her motto and even for when she is creating a seemingly simple design, ring Poison, is a soft to the touch setting, in sweet rose gold, which she combined with a more feisty rock and this raw stone is a natural Orthoclase. This ring comes with depth and character and it's for you to discover and amongst her one-off stone jewels for her Conversation Pieces collection, this pure stone ring style is  always amazing. This is a ring that can be worn to any occasion, big or small, to an exciting party and to the opera. 

      • Collection: Conversation Pieces
      • Setting: Embrace
      • Stone: Raw Yellow Orthoclase
      • Material: 14k Pink Gold Filled Wire  
      • Ring Size: mm 19  |  US 9  | UK R  1/2  | FR 59 1/4
      • MeasurementsThis ring sits 3.8 cm across your hand, and raises 2.7 cm upwards 
      • Weight: 40 grams
      • CHF 1,207 

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      Ring MEREDITH


      This one-of-a-kind beauty, is set with a knock-out smoke quartz, sitting into an intricate nest of rose gold. For this fabulously transparent faceted oval stone, Sheila Westera, had to create a podium. She is a Cocktail ring like no other, and her warming colours are aesthetically pleasing. The intricate nest of rose gold, is made with a technique that took her years to perfect, resulting in an extraordinairy attractive finish. Meredith as a jewel is part of her Conversation Pieces Collection, in where you find only individual jewels and whee each one has their own personality. She is unusually fitted with bars on either side of the stone, to keep this sparkly natural stunner in place. 

      • Series: Conversation Pieces
      • Setting: Possessions, combined with bars
      • Series: Pure Flash
      • Stones: Faceted large oval Smoke Quartz
      • Material: 14k rose gold-filled
      • Ring Size: mm  17 1/2  |  US  7 1/2   |   UK P  |   FR  55 1/4
      • Measurement: This ring measures 4.6 cm across your hand, and is 2.5 cm high. 
      • Weight: 41 gram
      • CHF 1,276.00

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        Necklace SADE

        Such a choker! She is short and sweet and set with a cool black stone! Feminine, feisty and timeless in black and gold and the type of edgy necklace to wear with a special dress or more simple and cool with a white blouse. This one-of-a-kind and unique necklace definitely stands out for her uniqueness, and her black Obsidian stone is interesting seen from up-close, as she is partly transparent. Her setting is interesting and her design is plain beautiful, and she will make everything better and more amazing. She is the only piece within her Conversation Pieces, in this exact style, because Sheila likes just one of each in her collection, and why she only collects one stone of any stone that she collects.

        • Conversation Pieces
        • Technique: Possessions
        • Series: Pure
        • Stones/Gemstones: Obsidian
        • Metal: 14k yellow gold-filled
        • Necklace: measures 43 cm
        • Fixed Pendant: 7.8 cm
        • Weight: 26 gram
        • CHF 1,231.00

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          Ring LORRAINE

          This is a special ring that's connected to Engelberg. Sheila Westera used a raw stone from her Alpine surroundings, as nature is what she often explores for treasures. For ring Lorraine, she's used a local type of granite from Engelberg, and combined it with faceted red rubies. The two metals in which she has set her treasures, are rose gold-filled and blackened silver, and the harmony that can be found between two special worlds are: raw Alpine surroundings, versus a classy elegant glamour. This work of art stands out of the crowd, and this super exciting Cocktail ring is made for people with an open mind and a love for life. She works in her own invented technique, which make her jewels stand out. Her style developed into her own direction, after having worked in the fine jewellery and diamond field for years, and it made the search for nature even more. She appreciates raw stones found in nature, next to all the stones that she has been collecting over years and for this one-off ring, she wanted to combine two of her favourite settings with two metals, which is unique within her Conversation Pieces Collection. All of her magical structures, are of the kind 'as never seen before', and together with their own personality, and style, she ensures a total exclusivity for her jewels. 

          • Collection: Black Conversation Pieces 
          • Setting: Possessions
          • Stone: Engelberger granite, and red faceted rubies
          • Material: Blackened silver and 14k rose gold-filled  
          • Ring Size: mm 19  |  US 9  |  UK R 1/2  |  FR 59 1/4
          • Measurements: The ring measures 5 cm across the top of the hand and 1.3 cm high. 
          • Weight: 33 gram
          • CHF 1,231.00

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          *Ring SHIRA 

          will be returned soon / needed for photography

          Colours are so inspiring, and Sheila Westera has made many colourful rings over the years, and one-of-a-kind ring Shira, is made in a more moderate size than her usual statement rings for the Conversation Pieces Collection. The much bolder rings that she usually creates, derive out of her love for stones, and she likes to give them a certain presence, because a ring on a hand that oozes uniqueness, is utterly important to her. Shira, is a lovely ring in a striking colour, set with a magical green malachite, with a slightly wavy shape, beautiful natural drawings, and a shiny surface that catches each type of light. 

          • Collection: Conversation Pieces
          • Setting: Embrace
          • Series: Pure
          • Gemstone: Polished Malachite
          • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled
          • Ring Size:  mm ..  |  US  ..  |  UK  ..   |  FR  ..
          • Measurement: This ring sits .. cm across the top of the hand, and raises upwards .. cm
          • Weight: .. gram
          • CHF 1,044.00

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          Ring CALYPSO

          Black and white has a classic style to it, and it basically invented by Coco Chanel, who made pearls look cool and the colour black stylish and women more powerful. Sheila Westera, loves to use this combination, because it is simply uber stylish. For this ring she started with a beautiful large pearl, that she wanted to combine with a glossy round onyx. This beautiful and unique Cocktail ring, is wonderful in style and perfect on your hand, and the signature finish of this slightly edgy and glamorous ring, is one-of-a-kind treasure, with its own personality.

          • Collection: Conversation Pieces
          • Setting: Embrace
          • Gemstone: onyx and baroque pearl
          • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled
          • Ring Size:  mm 20   |   US  10   |   UK T  1/2 |   FR  61 3/4
          • Measurement: This ring sits 3.9 cm across the top of the hand, and raises upwards 1.7 cm
          • Weight: 34 gram 
          • CHF 1,276.00

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