About Sheila Westera

Meet Sheila Westera, a passionate jewellery artist with a unique style. Born in the Netherlands, Sheila's life has been a vibrant tapestry of experiences, taking her from her hometown to Amsterdam, London, Rome and ultimately settling in central Switzerland.

From an early age, Sheila has been curious, researching the world around her through her microscope. Her creativity was evident in developing a passion for drawing and painting. Growing up in a dynamic and loving family, she was exposed to various cultures, as her father had friends from all corners of the globe. This rich tapestry of experiences would go on to shape her artistic vision.


Sheila's path into jewellery making, was serendipitous. Credit goes to her stepmother, who managed a high-end jewellery store, igniting Sheila's fascination with exquisite gemstones and overall craftsmanship. This early exposure to the world of jewels, next to her interest in art, laid the foundation for her future artistic endeavours.


She worked in the fine jewellery field and studied Art and Architecture in Amsterdam. Additionally, she ventured into the world of wine, because of her father, being a renowned wine expert and educator.


It wasn't until 2008 that Sheila first embarked on her journey as a maker and her earliest creations were made out of found materials, mostly washed up onto shores, and giving birth to her first highly unwearable statement pieces, which was a cry towards environmental awareness.


Around 2018, Sheila decided it was time to share her work with a larger audience, work that in the meantime also became more glamorous, by participating in a group exhibition in Milan, and a turning point in her life. 


Since then, Sheila's pieces have continued to captivate, because she isn’t merely a jewellery designer, but an artist who uses her work to provoke thought, inspire change, alongside celebrating the beauty of the natural world when worn in a cosmopolitan setting. Her one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces have garnered attention for their originality, innovation, and the depth of meaning they carry. 


On a mission to redefine boundaries to make jewellery more soulful and personal, in mass-produced world, by creating more than mere adornment, as her work is a reflection of a multifaceted journey with a passion for unique, as a starting point. Her one-of-a-kind jewels come with a different vibe. Her pieces are not just beautiful ornaments but powerful expressions of creativity, vision, and commitment in making a difference.