Podium for Donkeys

"Podium for Donkeys" ... Donkeys, are totally innocent animals and they have been treated unfairly by us for millennia. They have carried our bricks, water, or any kind of supplies, often on the heavier side.. They Served Us to help us building cities and monuments, wether it be in hot temperatures, or carrying goods over freezing cold mountain passes. Without much life of their own, and left for garbage when they couldn't serve us any longer... I wanted to honour the many donkeys, mules and horses, with this ring. It is sad to know that even up until this modern day, nothing much has changed, as they still have no voice, or choice. However, it is good finding out that more people are getting aware that they are no machines.. only their miserable faith is far from over. 

  • Collection: Arty Scenes
  • Series: Homage
  • Gemstone: unknown carved material in the shape of a donkey
  • Material: 14k Yellow and Rose Gold-Filled

This distinctive Statement Ring is a one-off jewel. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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