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‘Mia'... a smaller Woven Knot Ring, and yet another One-of-a-Kind ring from Sheila Westera. Mia is made in yellow gold-filled wire, where the band of the ring is fine and the Knot is somewhat Larger, a contrast that she loves for this series. This is a small to medium sized 'disordered' style. All the rings for Purely Wired have a certain simplicity, without being too minimalistic, they are just a lot more irregular. Every shape in the collection has its own unique vibe, which basically reflects Sheila's vibe of the day when she is creating. You could describe this ring as Organically formed, or Quirky Knots and a lot smaller than her usual ring styles. Each piece in this collection is one of a kind. 

  • Purely Wired
  • Style; one-of-a-kind ring
  • Material; 14k yellow gold-filled wire
  • Ring size; mm 16 | US 5.5 | UK L | Fr 50 3/4  -one size only-
  • Measurements; 2 cm, height: 0.9 cm. 
  • Weight; 5 gram

This ring is part of her "Purely Wired" series and they come in a Variety of Styles. You could always ask for her current stock.

  • £120.00 GBP