‘Doris’... what a marvellous One-of-a-Kind choker from Sheila Westera London for her Conversation Pieces Collection. This neckpiece is leading the way for a small collection of stone chokers and necklaces and this particular one is made to wear sort of tightly around your neck. With necklace "Doris", Sheila used a magical green Malachite stone, as you probably know this is one of her favourite colours, a love that started at a young age. This spectacular one-of-a-kind choker, has a slightly minimalistic look, as seen from the front but she is a true jewel, and her important appearance is due to her organic and interwoven, wonderful golden web that surrounds this wonderful raw stone. Created by Sheila, and when creating she's never completely sure of its outcome, just like any true artist. Therefor "Doris" is another Unique jewel and a green stone lovers dream, the perfect and most elegant piece to stand out in the crowd with. This fabulous necklace, is one that will never be out of fashion -in case you worry about trends-... Sheila does not, because she believes when something makes your heart beat faster, that piece will accompany you all your life.

  • Conversation Pieces
  • Style: One stone Choker
  • Technique: Possessions
  • Stones/Gemstones: raw Malachite
  • Material: 14k yellow gold-filled
  • Measurements: The choker sits 43cm around your neck.
  • Stone/ setting size: 6cm by 4.5cm
  • Weight: 63 gram

This is a distinctive One-of-a-Kind Design, and an exclusive contemporary piece of Jewellery, personally created by Jewellery Artist Sheila Westera, currently designing at her studio in Switzerland

Each statement Jewel by Sheila Westera is due to its uniqueness, created only in the size listed. 

Please contact us for any more details you may require on this piece or any information on how Sheila Westera can create a jewel for you. You can Commission a Custom Design by selecting a Gemstone, or a Pearl from her collection for example, or more.. and choose the metal of Your Choice. Sheila loves to discuss the possibilities to get you your Sheila Westera Bespoke Design 

  • £1,450.00 GBP