"Darling..."... isn't she just delicious and sweet? A smaller style Cocktail Ring or actually an any day kind of ring, with a distinctive cranberry red opaque Ruby, shapes as a heart. A beaujolais wine, coloured, red ruby, set in warm rose gold, and her heart shape, is ultimately timeless.

Heart rings are often given by a lover, or a friend, only why not give it to yourself? It would be completely in line with how Sheila sees jewellery nowadays, namely that women buy jewels for themselves! A strong statement in itself and she is one 'for keeps', the kind of one-of-a-kind jewel that will touch your heart, literally. The setting is invented and executed by Sheila, uniquely and intricately shaped by her hands.

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Setting: Possessions
  • Gemstones: Ruby/Korund, heart shaped, opaque
  • Material: 14K Rose gold-filled
  • Ring Size: mm 18   |   US  7 3/4   |   UK P 1/2    |    FR  56
  • Measurements: The ring raises upward 2.3-2.7 cm at it's highest. The length of the ring is 4.8 cm and it measures 3.8cm in width.
  • Weight: 22 gram

Size Guide

  • £659.00 GBP