"Celeste"... what wondrous mystery is she hiding beneath her surface? This chunky raw light blue stone is intriguing, because she is fact is a Sapphire in its original raw state: untouched and unpolished. This is a unique and wonderful pure style cocktail ring, for Sheila Westera's Conversation Pieces Collection. Sheila loves to create jewels around special finds and thus she chose to create a more minimalist approach for this stone, within her own signature organic style. An idiosyncratic web of wire, that surrounds the stone is named the possessions technique, and invented by her. Sometimes she creates a more open and rough style, and sometimes she likes it a lot finer. For ring Celeste, Sheila definitely wanted to create a setting that wasn't too open, and certainly not too dense. She felt that the medium intricate woven style, was juts right in accentuating the uniqueness of this gemstone. A marvellous pure, one-of-a-kind beauty, made in blues and gold, and as a stone she is a little heavier than most, due to its dense and compact stone formation, and this is also why sapphires are everlasting. A treasure, and an engaging beauty that feels quite different when wearing her. 

  • Collection: Conversation Pieces
  • Series: Pure
  • Setting: Possessions
  • Gemstones: Raw blue sapphire
  • Material: 14 kt yellow Gold-filled
  • Ring Size: mm  18 3/4  |  US  8 1/2  |  UK  Q 1/2  |  FR  58 
  • MeasurementThis ring sits 4.4 cm across the top of the hand, and raises upwards 2.6 cm 
  • Weight: 50 gram

This distinctive ring is a one-off jewel, personally created by Sheila Westera. As a Jewellery Artist, Sheila’s passion is to only create one-of-a-kind pieces. Due to its uniqueness, each ring is created only in the size listed. Sometimes, Sheila can amend the size of the ring. However, the final decision can only be made on an individual basis.

Please contact us for any more details you may require on this piece, or if you want any information on how Sheila Westera can create a unique jewel for you. Sheila would love to discuss the possibilities of getting you your own original Statement piece or Cocktail ring by Sheila Westera. You can commission a custom design and choose from her collection of semi-precious stones, gemstones, pearls, and more. You can even choose the material of your choice: Yellow or Rose 14 krt Gold-Filled, 18 krt Gold or Sterling Silver.

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