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"Friend" ... Dogs, a men's best friend... This ring is an ode to all dogs! Animals have feelings and emotions too, and how wonderful that science and biologists are finding new proof of this each and every day, that animals have feelings and emotions too. 

  • Collection: Arty Scenes
  • Setting: Possessions
  • Stones: Stoneware 
  • Material: 14k rose gold-filled wire
  • Size: mm  19.4  |  US  9 1/2  |  UK  S 1/2  |  FR  60 3/4
  • Measurement: This ring sits 3 cm (1.2 in) across the top of the hand, and raises upwards 6 cm or (2.4 in).

As a Jewellery Artist, Sheila's passion is to only create one-of-a-kind pieces. Concerning the size of a ring, she can sometimes make the jewel slightly larger or slightly smaller. However, this depends on the individual ring and the final decision can only be made by her.

Please contact us for any more details you may require on this piece.

Size Guide 

  • £1,695.00 GBP